Thirunaraiyur PollaPillayar Temple

Arulmigu PollaPillayar Temple is located in Thirunaraiyur, Cuddalore District, at Tamil Nadu. Here Lord Vinayaka is called as PollaPillayar, since Lord Vinayaka had done lot of mischievous activities at the present place of the temple. When Lord Vinayaka had incarnated as Mahorkada, he has done lot of playful activities, and gave happiness to the entire universe. Similar to Lord Krishna, he had stolen the hearts of his friends, neighbours and his devotees, showered his grace on them, and also killed various dreaded demons.

Though this temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and Ma Parvati, and though it is known as Sri Soundareswarar SamethaMa Thiripurasundari Temple, but due to the significance of the Lord Vinayaka present in this temple at a separate shrine,this temple is called by most of the devotees only as “POLLA PILLAYAR TEMPLE”. The idol of Lord Vinayaka is a self-emanated one, and Lord Vinayaka present in this temple is considered as very powerful, and he is the one, who grants various boons to his devotees and fulfills their wishes.

Lord Shiva is known in this temple as Sri Soundareswarar and his consort Ma Parvati is known by the name Sri Thiripurasundari. This is one of the ancient and popular Shiva Temples, and it is controlled by the HR & CE of Tamil Nadu. The idol of Lord Shiva is also a self-emanated one. During the year 2009, consecration ceremony was grandly done at this temple.

As per ancient legend, once a Gandharva had disturbed the penance of Rishi Durvasa, and as a result, the great Rishi had cursed him to become a crane, which means “NAARAI” in Tamil. As per the advice of the sage, the crane, had fetched water from the holy Ganges River at Varanasi, through its beak, and showered it at the Lingam present in this temple. Since the bird, “NAARAI” has done this holy act this place came to be known as “THIRUNAARAIYUR”. Pleased by the act of the bird, Lord Shiva had granted salvation to it. Since the Lord had relieved the curse of the bird, it is suggested for those who suffer from various Doshams like Naga Dosham, Brahmahati Dosham, Navagraha Dosham etc, to visit and worship the Lord present at this temple. Daily Abhishekham is done to all the main deities present in this temple, along with regular Pujas.

Apart from the main shrines of the deities, other shrines of the deities like Murugan, Saneeswarar, Bairavar, Navagrahas, Surya, Natarajar and idols of some Shaivite Saints are also present inside the temple premises.

The address of the temple is:
Sri Soundareswarar Temple,
Cuddalore District,
Tamil Nadu – 608303.

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