Story of Krishna Avatar – Why & How Maha Vishnu incarnated as Sri Krishna

Sri Krishna Avatara is one of the Avatara of Lord Vishnu. The story of Krishna Avatara is also mentioned in Padma Purana. Once, goddess Parvati expressed her desire to know about all the incarnations of Lord Vishnu. Continuing with the various incarnations of Lord Vishnu, Lord Mahadeva told Parvati — Vasudev was the descendant of Yadu. His father was […]

The Beginning of Creation

Padma Purana’s Srishti Khanda explains ‘The Beginning of Creation’. The beginning of the creation was narrated by Suta to Bhishma.. The Sages requested Suta to narrate about the incident when sage Pulastya had met Bhishma. Suta replied— Bhishma was doing penance at a place called Gangadwar. Being pleased by his austere penance, Lord Brahma instructed […]

King Shveta of Satya Yuga

In Satya Yuga there used to be a king named Shveta. He was such a good king that during his reign people lived for ten thousand years. No one dies as a child. Longevity was high and there was no infant mortality. But there was a sage named Kapalagoutama. Unfortunately, the sage’s son died as […]

Bharatavarsha, Kraunchdweep, Plakshdweep, Shalmaldweep, Kushdweep, Shakhdweep, Pushkardweep

Bharatavarsha has nine divisions named Indradweep, Kaseru, Tamraparn, Gamastiman, Nagdweep, Soumya, Gandharva, Varun and Yahadweep which is surrounded by the sea and has an expansion of 1000 Yojans. In the eastern part of Bharata, live Kirat whereas in the western part live Yavans. In the mid part of Bharata, live population of Brahmins, Kshatriyas, Vaishyas […]

Bharatavarsha (Akhanda Bharat in Puranas)

Bharatavarsha, Akhanda Bharat in Puranas.. What is Bharatavarsha in Puranas? What was India called during Puranic age? Indian subcontinent in Puranas.. The landmass that is present between Himalayas and the ocean is known as Bharata. It has an expansion of 9,000 Yojans. It is populated by the descendants of Bharata. It has seven native mountains- […]

Islands mentioned in Vishnu Purana

Here is the list of Islands mentioned in Vishnu Purana and description of the islands mentioned in Vishnu Purana. The earth has seven great islands- Jambu, Plaksha, Shalmali, Kusha, Kronch, Shakh and Pushkar. These are surrounded by oceans having saline water, sugarcane juice, wine, ghee, curd, milk and sweet water respectively. Jambudweep is situated at the […]

Origin of Demons – How were demons originated? (Asuras, Rakshasas)

What is the Origin of Demons – How were demons originated? (Asuras, Rakshasas)? Puranas mentioned many legends about the origin of demons. Here is a legend / story from the Padma Purana… The story goes like this… Bhisma requested Sage Pulastya to explain how different entities like the demons came into being. Pulastya replied – Having […]

18 Attempts to kill Prahlada by his father Hiranyakashipu

18 Attempts to kill Prahlada by his father Hiranyakashipu… Hiranyakashipu had made 18 attempts to kill Prahlada, his own son. This story is mentioned in Vishnu Purana.. When the demons saw that their all efforts failed to faze Prahlada and that he was preaching the demon children they informed Hiranyakashipu about all these happenings. Hiranyakashipu […]

King Raghu | Raghu Maharaja

Raghu was a ruler of the Ikshvaku dynasty. He was born to King Dilipa and his queen Sudakshina. Through his great valour and powers, his dynasty itself was called as the Raghuvamsha. The details about him were mentioned by the great poet and Kali Devotee Kalidasa in his poem Raghuvamsha. He had expanded his kingdom […]

Jada Bharata | King who became Saint

Once, there lived a king with the name Bharata and he ruled throughout India, and by his name, India is called as “BHARAT”. He ruled in a most efficient manner, and at his old age, he made his son as the king, and left to the forest and lived like a sage. Once he saw […]

Dilipa | King of Suryavansha Ikshvaku dynasty

Dilipa was a king of Suryavamsh Ikshvaku dynasty, and a popular king who was praised by the people for his GOLDEN RULE. The details about him were mentioned in the text of Kalidasa called Raghuvamsa.Dilipa’s father was Amshuman. Lord Rama was born in this dynasty. Once when Dilipa went to the heavens, he didn’t noticed […]

Mushikasura & Mayurasura

Once there lived a powerful demon named “MUSHIKASUR” who was in the form of a big rat and created troubles to all the living beings in the earth and in the heaven. All the demigods prayed to Lord Vinayaka, to safeguard them from the powerful demon. Lord Vinayaka started fighting with him and finally defeated […]

Story of Chyavana Muni, Sukanya

Story of Chyavana Muni, Sukanya is mentioned in several Puranas.. The story of Chyavana Muni and Sukanya goes like this.. Vaivaswata Manu’s another son Saryati gave birth to Sukanya. The latter when she came of age visited a forest once along with her companions and playfully prierced into a bush while amused about what she […]

Branches of Rigveda

Branches of Rigveda are explained in Vishnu Purana. Vishnu Purana’s fourth chapter in Part three mentioned about the branches of Rigveda. At the beginning of creation, Rigveda contained all the four Vedas with hundred thousand mantras. That Rigveda helped a lot in the propagation of ten kinds of Yagyas. Then during the twenty-eighth Dwapar, my […]

Trishanku (King Trishanku & Vishwamitra)

King Trishanku is one the famous Kings mentioned in Puranas and other Hindu Scriptures. Most of the times, Trishanku is connected with the story of Trishanku Swarga. From Dridashva was descended a king named Trayaruni. Trayaruni was a righteous king and followed all the religious dictates. But Trayarun’s son Satyavrata was quite the opposite and […]

Story of Chandika Devi & Andhakasura

Matsya Purana tells the story of Chandika Devi and Andhakasura (the origin of Chandika Devi). The story of Chandika Devi and Andhakasura Vadha goes like this… Originally a darling boy of Devi Parvati, Andhakasura bacame a menace to the Universe. In a playful mood, she closed Shiva’s eyes and the perspiration on the latter’s forehead […]

Story: Rukmini and Krishna, Why Krishna kidnaps Rukmini?

rukmini krishna story

The story of Rukmini and Krishna tell us why Krishna kidnaps Rukmini and the relationship between Rukmini Devi and Lord Sri Krishna… Maharshi Parashara narrated the story of Devi Rukmini’s abduction by Krishna. Both of them were fond of each other and desired to wed together. But, Rukmi the brother of Rukmini hated Krishna and was […]

Nether Worlds as per Vishnu Purana

Story of Nether Worlds as per Vishnu Purana. Vishnu Purana explains about Nether Worlds in its Chapter Five. Earth’s total height is 70,000 Yojans. In her depth, are situated seven nether worlds with a depth of 10,000 Yojans each respectively. Names of these seven nether worlds are Atal, Vital, Nital, Gamastiman, Mahatal, Sutal and Patal. […]

Indraprastha, the Holiest City mentioned in Puranas

The story related to the holiest city – Indraprastha is mentioned in Padma Purana’s Uttara Khanda. The sages enquired from Suta about the holiest city situated on the banks of river Yamuna. Suta narrated the tale which Sage Saubhari had once told Yudhisthira — Once, Narada and Parvat were travelling through an aerial route, while […]