Sri Sripada Vallabha Jayanthi 2022 | Shripad Shri Vallabha Jayanti

sripada vallabha

sripada vallabha

Sri Sripada Vallabha (Shripad Shri Vallabha swamy) is believed as one of the divine incarnations of Lord Dattatreya (Dattavatara).

Shripad Vallabha Jayanti is observed on Bhadrapad Shukla Chaturthi which is also celebrated as Ganesh Chaturthi in Bhadrapada month. In 2022, Sripada Vallabha Jayanti date is August 31.

He was born in Pithapuram, a town in East Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh on Bhadrapad Shukla Chaturthi (1320 AD).

Sri Sripada Vallabha was born in Chitra nakshatram, Simha (Leo) lagna, and Tula raasi (Libra zodiac) to Appalaraja Sarma and Sumati couple. Throughout his life, he distributed the divine words of Dattatreya and wrote many verses on the Lord. Most of his life he stayed at Kurvapur or Kuravapura in Karnataka.

Sripada Vallabha Jayanthi utsavam is celebrated with lot of gusto in Sripada Vallabha kshetram in Pithapuram Dattadhamam and his other Dattatreya temples in Gangapur Dattadham, Akkalkot temple, Kurvapur temple, and Mysore Datta Peetham, etc.

Shripada Sri Vallabha Aradhana utsavam or Guru Dwadashi utsavam is another major festival celebrated in Pithapuram Sri Vallabha Mahasamsthanam.

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  1. shashank nanoti says:

    I want to detail information about Pithapuram. Nov 26 I come to thier.
    So please tell me details address & location & train root. I came from Wardha Maharashtra by Dakshin Exp.on 26 nov & reach at Pithapuram on 27 nov.Where I stay?, Dakshin Exp. stop at Pithapuram or Samalkota


    we are planning to come to Pithapuram on sunday pl. give me details , where to stay, how to come. we are coming by train on sunday evening pl. help.
    Sudhir India Pune
    my no 02030233298 / 9881319603

  3. Ravi Krishna says:

    Pithapuram is located in East Godavari District on South Central Railway and is 20 kilometers from Kakinada(district head quarters of East Godavari district). Samalkot is on the mainline and is around 15kms from Pithapuram. Accommodation to devotees is available in Sripada Srivallabha Mahasamsthanam or there are 1-2 star hotels available in Pithapuram.

  4. Malika says:

    shripad shri vallabh jayanti is annually observed on the

  5. Mrudula says:

    www free download of wallpapers of lord sreepadavallabha

  6. T neeleswara rao says:

    Jai sreepadhavallaba swamy very famous dhattha murthi