Rohitashva (Lohithashva) | Son of Harishchandra

Lohithashva also called as Rohitashva, was an Ishvaku prince, and his father was Harishchandra, and he was crowned as the king of Ayodhya by his father, Harichandra after he attained old age. Rohitashva was a noble king of Ayodhya, and the Rohtas district in Bihar was named after him, and his importance was still spoken by the people of Bihar.

Rohitashva had ruled the kingdom of Ayodhya in a well-versed manner, and treated his people in a kind manner. He had given a golden rule, and no one in his kingdom was suffered from diseases or poverty.

After the end of the life of his father Harishchandra, he went along with him to the Swarga Loka, and it is believed that he would live in the Swarga Loka along with Harishchandra till the end of this Kaliyuga.

Let us worship the great king Rohitashva and be blessed.

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