Story of Ganesha and Agastya Maharshi

Lord Ganapathi

Lord Ganapathi

What is the story of Ganesha and Agastya Maharshi? The story about Lord Ganesha and Agasthya Muni revolves around the Kaveri River (Cauvery)…

Here is the full story of Ganesha and Agasthya Muni….

To celebrate the auspicious wedding of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati all the gods and goddess gathered at Mount Kailas, the Himalayas. This mammoth gathering has led the northern land to dip. Then the Lord Shiva asked the sage Agasthya Maharshi to travel to South to stabilize this imbalance. He was instructed to travel to Podhigai ranges southern parts of India.

Sage Agasthya was deeply saddened as he would not be able to witness Lord Shiva’s union. Lord Shiva known for his understanding explained Agasthya Muni that he would be able to see the wedding celebrations from South. Lord Shiva took the river Cauvery to flow where ever the sage pointed. After bidding farewell to Lord Shiva his travel led to South. Unfortunately, unknowingly to the sage many incidences have taken place in the South.

A demon named Surapaduman had terrorized many gods especially Lord Indra. Lord Indra prayed to Lord Shiva for help in the place called Sirghazi. The sage Narada could not see Lord Indra’s despair and how the river Cauvery was in the sage Agasthyar kamandala.

Lord Ganesh took the form of a crow and flew to sage Agasthyar and sat on kamandal.The sage raised his hands to shoo of the crow but the river Cauvery thought that it was a signal to start flowing and it did. Later then the crow took the form of a small boy.

The sage did not recognize it was Lord Ganesha and started and decided to strike him away. All of a sudden the boy changed his form and the sage came face to face with Lord Ganesha. He then realized the sin and started striking his forehead with his knuckles. Lord Ganesha stopped him and said whoever prayed him in this manner would be blessed with wisdom.

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