7 Wonderful Stories from Vishnu Purana

Ananta Sayana Vishnu

Ananta Sayana Vishnu

The Vishnu Purana is one of the eighteen Mahapuranas, and it is considered as a holy text of Hinduism. It contains the details of Lord Vishnu, his avatars and about his famous devotees like Narada, Prahalada, Thumburu and Dhruva.

According to Vishnu Purana, Lord Vishnu is considered as the main god and all the other gods and goddesses are considered as demi gods and demi goddesses, and they obeys his orders and acts as per his instructions, and through his supreme powers he is controlling the entire universe.

This famous Vishnu Purana was written by Sri Vedavyasa, who is also an AMSHA of Lord Vishnu. This purana also mentions about Lord Brahma and Shiva, and about other Devas like Varuna, Indra and Kubera. In Vishnu Purana, Rishi Maitreya and his guru, Parashara, tells us about the significance of Lord Vishnu, and about his Yoga Nidhra, a type of meditation.

Story No.1

Narada is a sage, and a musician. In Vishnu Purana, he was mentioned as a great divine sage and also a fortune teller.According to ancient puranas, Narada travels to several divine lokas. He carries a Tambura with him, and he is regarded as the great ancient musician. He is a great devotee of Lord Vishnu, and also he utters his name as “NARAYANA”, “NARAYANA”,and visits several worlds. He will not remain in one place, and he will keep on travelling to several divine worlds. Though his activity is considered as mischievous, his activity at the end will be good. The Narada Bhakti Sutra is attributed to him.

Narada is considered as well versed with Vedas,Upanishads and Puranas. He is worshipped and welcomed by the divine devas for his knowledge. According to ancient legends, even demons also respected and worshipped him. He is called as “DEVA RISHI NARAD”. He is very intelligent and contains very powerful memory. He is capable of answering any questions placed on to him. He is the master of spiritual philosophy.

Story No.2

As per the Holy Vishnu Purana, Tumburu considered as the best among singers and is a great musician of Gandharvas. He composed music and songs in the courts of Divine gods. Tumburu is described as the son of sage Kashyapa and his wife Pradha. Tumburu often is described as the best among Gandharvas. He sings in presence of gods. Similar to Narada, he is also regarded as the king of songs. According to ancient puranas, Narada is considered to be the teacher of Tumburu.

Narada and Tumburu are said to sing the glories of god Vishnu. Vishnu Purana mentions that Tumburu was the best of all singers and was rewarded by god Vishnu. Narada,once became jealous of Tumburu. And then Vishnu tells Narada that tumburu performs his music well than that of Narada, and sent Narada to an owl named Ganabandhu, to learn music. After learning from the owl, Narada went to Tumburus’s house, there he sees Tumburu surrounded by wounded men and women, and he discovers they are the musical Ragas and Raginis, who were badly injured by his bad singing. Felt ashamed, Narada leaves the place and learns proper singing from Lord Krishna’s wives.

Story No.3

As per Vishnu Purana, Bhatha Prahalada, was the son of Demon King Hiranyakashipu. Lord Narasimha killed Hiranyakashipu and made Prahalada as the king of the region. Bhakta Prahalada was an ardent devotee of Lord Hari. He has preached the greatness of Lord Hari along with his fellow students. He has lived a life with much holiness, pure bhakti and kindness among his people.

During his regime, he has ruled his kingdom in a well-versed manner. He is the Avatar of Divine Personality – Sangukarna Devar. Sangukarna Devar was serving Lord Brahma in Satyalok during Krita Yoga. Once due to his mistake, he was cursed by Lord Brahma and took the avatar as Bhakta Prahalada.

Story No.4

As per Vishnu Purana, Dhuruva was born to the king Uthanapadha. He was the son of his first wife. The king Uthanapadha was very much attracted to his second wife and was not shown much interest with Dhuruva. Depressed by this unfavorable act, Dhuruva went to the forest and meditated Lord Hari. After several years, Lord Hari appeared and granted him a boon to become a GREAT STAR – DHURUVA.

Dhuruva then went to his palace and being received by his father and mother with much joy and he was crowned after his father. After completing his good golden rule, he attained the Star Position. Even now we can see one Bright star shining in the sky. That is Bhakta Dhuruva.

Dhuruva due to his bhati, has attained the position of the Star. He will not be conquered by any one. Even in Maha Pralayam, there will be no disturbance for him and he will be shining in the sky for ever. He is fulfilling the wishes of his devotees even now.

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