Viruppan Thirunal (Chithirai Ther) at Srirangam Temple

Viruppan Thirunal (Chithirai Ther) is a grand festival in Panguni Month of Tamil calendar. This is a temple festival to purify the professional blemishes. Viruppan Thirunal is named after the Vijayanagara King Viruppanna Udayar who was started the festival in 1383. After Muslims invasions Lord Ranganatha brought to sanctum sanctorum in 1371 (17th day Vaikasi […]

Oonjal at Srirangam Temple (Dolotsavam)

Oonjal seva is held in Srirangam Sriranganatha Swamy Temple. It is conducted in Aippasi Month (October – December) to remove possible blemishes in the swing. This festival is also referred to as Dolotsavam. Oonjal seva was started in the year 1489 by Kandhadai Ramanujar Swamy. Now it is celebrated as 9-day festival. On the first […]

Jestabishekam at Srirangam Temple

Jestabishekam at Srirangam Temple is celebrated in Aani Month (June-July) according to Tamil calendar in order to rid the accumulated impurities. In that day sanctum sanctorum is being cleaned, specially made herbal oil prepared in the temple is being applied on Periya perumal. Namperumal and Goddesses golden plates (Kavacham or Angil in Tamil) are being […]

Pavithrothsavam at Srirangam Temple

Pavithrothsavam is a big festival celebrated at Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple of Srirangam. It is held in Aani month in Tamil calendar (August – September). Pavithrothsavam is dedicated to the sacred thread worn by the Lord and for removing blemishes in daily rituals. On the first day of Pavitrotsavams, thiruvaradhanam is conducted for 365 times to […]

Adhi Brahmotsavam in Srirangam Ranganatha Swamy Temple

Adhi Brahmotsavam in Srirangam Ranganatha Swamy Temple is celebrated in Panguni month in Tamil calendar. In 2012, Srirangam Adhibrahmotsavam begins on 28 March and ends on 7 April. Brahmotsavam begins with Mirror room seva & Thirumanjanam at Yagasala and ends with Alum pallakku. Here is the schedule or timetable of Adhi Brahmotsavam 2012 at Srirangam […]