Viruppan Thirunal (Chithirai Ther) at Srirangam Temple

Viruppan Thirunal (Chithirai Ther) is a grand festival in Panguni Month of Tamil calendar. This is a temple festival to purify the professional blemishes. Viruppan Thirunal is named after the Vijayanagara King Viruppanna Udayar who was started the festival in 1383.

After Muslims invasions Lord Ranganatha brought to sanctum sanctorum in 1371 (17th day Vaikasi month). In that time temple was under very much dilapidated condition. In 1377 the King Viruppannan donated Seventeen thousand gold coins for renovation of temple.

In the year of 1383 after renovation Chithrai festival started after 60 years. Viruppannan handed over 52 villages for Temple welfare. In 1383 Chithrai festival being celebrated nearest villagers thronged in the Srirangam.

In this festival 8th and 9th days are being celebrated by villagers very much. Villagers used to donate more number of cattle and cereals from their fields. This festival starts eight days earlier to Revathy asterism. The Chithrai car festival is being celebrated on that day.

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