Jestabishekam at Srirangam Temple

Jestabishekam at Srirangam Temple is celebrated in Aani Month (June-July) according to Tamil calendar in order to rid the accumulated impurities. In that day sanctum sanctorum is being cleaned, specially made herbal oil prepared in the temple is being applied on Periya perumal. Namperumal and Goddesses golden plates (Kavacham or Angil in Tamil) are being cleaned by goldsmith.

More priests and devotees visit to Cauvery to take holy water in Gold and Silver pots. Gold pot is brought over the elephant. Gold pot has been donated by Vijayaranga Chokka Nayakar in 1734. In meanwhile it was looted by some robbers, then by gods grace it was recovered. This inscription has been engraved in Telugu language in this gold pot.

More silver pots being filled up with Holy Cauvery water and brought to the temple. On the way from Cauvery to temple Vedas are being recited. Then pots are put in the Western side, all the idols installed in “Thiruvennaiyali Praharam”. Golden plates removed from the idols and handed over to Jeer Swamiji and Vadhula Desikar Swamy. Then plates are being cleaned by goldsmith. After public worship plates are being fixed up in evening.

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