Muruhini, Muruga’s Female Form

Ma Muruhini is the female form of Lord Muruga, and she was mentioned in the Holy Text Skanda Purana as a charming young and wonderful female goddess, who contains the aspects of Lord Muruga. She is also believed to be the sister of Lord Muruga, and she cannot be confused with Mohini, the popular female […]

21 Famous Temples of Muruga

Lord Murugan

We must have to consider that Lord Muruga is everything in our life. Lord Muruga is the beloved son of Parvati and Parameswara, brother of the first god, Vinayaka, and he also contains great powers similar to his parents. In the Muruga Purana, it was mentioned, that the entire universe was found in the two […]

Muruga’s Divine Spear Splits our Sins, Diseases into Pieces

Lord Muruga’s divine spear (VEL) will pierce our sins and diseases into pieces, and it would give the great everlasting spiritual bliss to us. The famous Murugan Devotee and Tamil Saint Sri Arunagirinatha Perumanar sings, Hey Lord Muruga, I am seeing you in the form of VEL, since VEL symbolize the Victory Symbol. He further […]

Pranaveswarar | Muruga as Pranaveswara Swamy

Lord Murugan Subramanya

Lord Pranaveswarar is one of the marvellous names of Lord Muruga. In Tirupanthurai Shivanandeswarar Temple, there is a separate shrine dedicated for Lord Muruga, and in that temple, he is called as Sri Pranaveswarar, since Lord Muruga has taught the meaning of the Pranava Mantra to Lord Shiva himself during his childhood. Since Lord Muruga […]

Our Kuladevata Muruga

Lord Murugan

We can consider Lord Muruga as our own Kula Devata (Family Deity) and can offer our great respects to him. Ancient staunch Murugan Devotees would regularly visit the six abodes of Lord Muruga, even if they fail to visit the temples of their family deity! Lord Muruga is even worshipped by the tribal people and […]