Legend of Muruga after Killing of Surapadman

Most of us would be aware about the details of Lord Muruga only till the time of his killing of the Demon Surapadman. We knew that Lord Muruga has married Ma Valli and Ma Devasena, and both of them were become his beloved consorts. Apart from the war waged with the demon Surapadman, Lord Muruga has encountered several battles with Demons for the sake of the Devas.

Once when the Devas tried to attack the great Prahalada, the demon king, he was also headed the army of the demons and fought bravely with the Devas. But in course of time, for helping the Devas, Lord Muruga has also joined in the war, and to the eyes of Prahalada, Lord Muruga has appeared in the form of his beloved Lord Vishnu. Due to that, Prahalada flee away from the battle field along with the Demons, and went to his kingdom.

In course of time, the Devas didn’t face any sort of difficulties from the side of the demons, since most of the demons were settled down in the underworld, the Sutala Loka, along with their king Mahabali, who is the pious grandson of Prahalada. Lord Muruga decided to leave his aspects in his various temples, and went to his abode, the wonderful Sri Skanda Loka along with his two consorts.

Murugan worship was prevalent even during the Vedic period, and the significance of Lord Murugan was mentioned in the ancient Sangam Literature, which dates back to the first century AD. Lord Murugan was worshipped by some ancient Tribal people, as the tribal god Mayan, by considering him to be the lovely consort of his tribal consort Ma Valli. Murugan worship was also prevalent in Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia and Cambodia, since ancient Tamil people were settled down in large numbers in those countries.

Similar to Child Krishna, Lord Muruga is also worshipped in his child form. Most of us used to think that we cannot see Lord Muruga through our naked eyes. But still he showers his blessings on us even through calendars, small pictures, and we can see his pictures which would appear in the form of smiling posture in our puja room. I used to work in the laptop under a Muragan Calender picture only. Sometimes the picture would shake a little bit even without any air circulation, and it means, that Lord Muruga gives his instant blessings to us from his picture.


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