Arupadaivelappa was a wonderful poem which was written in praise of Lord Arumugan by Sri Balamuruganadimai Swamigal during 19th Century AD. This marvellous poem contains 12 praises of Lord Murugan. Since these poem was written in a simple and in an easily understandable form, Lord Murugan devotees can easily recite it, by adopting it as a daily practice.

The precious 12 praises of Lord Arumugan are as follows:-

1.I praise the Lord of six abodes, who contains excellent features, who was born on the Saravana Poigai Pond, who was brought up by the Karthigai star goddesses, who is the son of Lord Shiva and Ma Parvati.

2.I praise the Lord of the Lords, the great Muruga, who is considered to be the highest amongst the Devas, who is capable of taking the Viswaroopa(Divine Form), who is able to burn our miseries and sorrows into ashes.

3.I praise the excellent Tamil god Muruga, who is worshipped by Saints, who was mentioned in the Holy Texts of Hinduism, who has destroyed the demon Surapadman, who contains six heads and twelve arms, who looks like a small boy, who cannot be defeated by anyone, who is considered to be an aspect of Lord Shiva.

4.I praise the great Lord Muruga, who is known by various names such as Subramaniya, Karthikeya, Kanda, Kadamba and Vetrivela, who can be easily approached by anyone, who is also worshipped in the form of Divine Spear (VEL), whose eyes appears like that of rose petals, whose sweat becomes the Holy Amirtha(The Divine Nectar), who is capable of changing our fate, who is the consort of Ma Valli and Ma Devasena.

5.I praise and praise Lord Muruga with pure devotion in my heart, I don’t know how to describe the beauty of my beloved god Muruga, who is capable to create, protect and destroy the entire universe, who can be seen on the souls of his pure hearted devotees, who wilfully resides in his six abodes, who takes the form of sparkling fire, whose abode is situated in the Skanda Loka.

6.I praise the Lord who destroys our sins and diseases, who guides us to travel in the proper path, and he is praised even by Lord Brahma, Indra, Vishnu and Shiva, who removes the fear from our mind, who relieves us from the chain of repeated birth cycles, whose eyes shines like millions and millions of suns.

7.Through my songs, I am trying to melt the heart of Lord Muruga, I don’t have no other job, except to praise about Muruga, I want the people in the earth to become the staunch devotees of Lord Muruga, since by becoming his devotees, they could experience the great spiritual joy and peace which they could never find it anywhere else.

8.Let us loudly chant the Mantra, “OM SARAVANA BHAVA”, let us regularly recite the names of Muruga, let us visit his temples, let us perform regular pujas to Lord Muruga, let us perform holy bath to Muruga. Let us keep praising him throughout our life.

9.Let us make the habit of reading the Sri Skanda Purana regularly, and let us share it with others. Let us conduct spiritual discourses in the temples from the Holy Text, Skanda Purana, let us praise and praise, and let us become the humble slaves and servants of Lord Muruga.

10.Oh My Dear Muruga, why can’t you make me as one of your divine ornaments, since by doing that, I would be able to permanently dwell on your golden body. Oh my beloved Lord Muruga, why can’t you make me as one of the steps in the Palani Hills Temple, since by doing that, I could be able to see the happy faces of your devotees whenever they climb in the steps.

11. Oh My Dear Lord, you have shown great mercy even to the evil demon Surapadman, since, even after killing him, you have granted salvation to him, by the way of making him as your Divine Vehicle Peacock. Likewise, please kill my sins through your divine spear, and grant salvation to me.

12.Oh my wonderful Lord Muruga, those who didn’t praise you, are to be considered as useless and lifeless people, those who didn’t hear about your wonderful plays, are to be considered as lazy, those who didn’t visit your temples are to be considered as lame, those who didn’t have the interest to worship you, are to be considered as blind, those who speak bad about you, are to be considered as mad, those who criticize you, are to be put up in the hell, those who didn’t read your holy texts, are to be considered as animals, those who consider you as their enemy, are to be treated like a dirt.


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