Muruga’s Divine Spear Splits our Sins, Diseases into Pieces

Vel of Lord Murugan Batu caves Malaysia

Vel of Lord Murugan Batu caves Malaysia

Lord Muruga’s divine spear (VEL) will pierce our sins and diseases into pieces, and it would give the great everlasting spiritual bliss to us. The famous Murugan Devotee and Tamil Saint Sri Arunagirinatha Perumanar sings, Hey Lord Muruga, I am seeing you in the form of VEL, since VEL symbolize the Victory Symbol. He further adds, Oh, Lord Muruga, you are tearing the sins and diseases of your devotees into pieces through your wonderful VEL Instrument, and this can be known from the life history of Sri Pamban Swamigal, a 19th century Saint, and a staunch devotee of Lord Muruga.

Once when Sri Pamban Swamigal was suffered from severe leg fracture at his old age, and when he was about to lose one of his legs, on one fine night, Lord Muruga had appeared on his dream with a marvellous smile, and inserted his VEL into the broken part of the leg. When Pamban Swamigal had woken up on the next day morning, to his pleasant surprise, his leg injury was completely recovered, and he was also able to walk easily like a young man.

Those who worship Lord Muruga along with his divine weapon Spear would never suffer from black magic and from enmity problems, and they would be free from their diseases, and also would lead a highly cheerful and a peaceful life. Those who didn’t believe our beloved Lord Muruga, can at least worship his divine spear, since the divine spear of Lord Muruga also contains the features of Lord Muruga.

We can keep on talking about Lord Muruga day and night, since he contains very good supreme qualities. Even if we are supposedly suffers from some kind of diseases due to our ill fate, and even if we do not recover completely from the ailments, at least we would get the will power to face the severity of the diseases through the grace of Lord Muruga.

At this present Kali Yuga, in course of time, even most of the devotees might lose faith on the almighty, due to the evil influence of Kali Purusha, and, my main purpose of writing spiritual articles is to spoon feed the “DIVINE FAITH” to the devotees, and to inculcate more and more devotion on the minds of the readers, since nowadays, even divinity needs lot of publicity!


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