Muruga Songs by Vallidas Swamigal, Kalyani Ammal

Muruga Songs by Vallidas Swamigal, Kalyani Ammal…

Sri Vallidas Swamigal and his consort Sri Kalyani Ammal were ardent devotees of Lord Muruga, and both of them were served as disciples to the great Murugan Devotee, Sri Arunagirinathar. Similar to their Guru, both of them were very expert in penning bhakti poems on Lord Muruga. Some of the excerpts from those wonderful poems are as follows:-

Oh my Dear Muruga, Give your full support, Oh the holy consort of Valli and Devasena,
you are the chief among the gods, you are very merciful, compassionate and affectionate towards your devotees, your face appears similar to the full moon, and we want to listen to your honey dipped, sweetened speech again and again.

Oh my Dear Muruga, the great warrior god, whose beauty cannot be described even by your parent Lord Shiva and Ma Parvati, whose tender feet is always worshipped by the celestials like Kubera, Indra, Surya, Brahma, Chandra, Agni and Vayu, and your name and fame is spread throughout the world through Deva Rishi Narada.

Oh my Dear Muruga, you are the source of everything in the world, through your divine look, even the dreaded diseases and the sins of your devotees would be removed.

Oh my Dear Muruga, you contain the wonderful weapon spear on your hand, you are showing your utmost grace on your devotees, and your wonderful divine plays resemble to that of Lord Krishna.

Oh my Dear Muruga, you are the one who act as a best guardian to Lord Devendra, and you have removed his sorrow, by killing the dreaded demon Surapadman.

Oh my Dear Muruga, you are wearing a diamond crown filled with full of pearls, and your ear rings glitters like that of fire, and your stunning beauty shakes everybody.

Oh my Dear Muruga, those chant your names and Mantras, would get all sorts of prosperity in their lives, those who takes bath on the holy pond of your temples, would be considered as taking bath in the Holy Ganges water itself, those who eat your wonderful Prasad in the temples, would get the same taste of the Holy divine nectar.

Oh my Dear Muruga, those who call you from any part of the world, would be protected by you immediately. Those who do charity work on your name, would live like the wealth god Kubera in their life.

Oh my Dear Muruga, those who keep you on their soul, would become your most favourite devotees. Those who grant flowers to you at your temples would be protected by you, those who dedicate their entire life on worshipping you, would become your true Devotees.

Oh my Dear Muruga, by worshipping you heartily, even the dumb would be able to speak, deaf would be able to hear, blind would be able to see, lame would be able to walk, poor would become rich, sorrows would turn into happiness, and totally, your devotees would lead a heavenly life in this earth itself.

Oh My Dear Muruga, sleep well, sleep comfortably on my lap. The weather is very good, and my affectionate arms are gently rubbing your body, you have eaten enough food, now it is the time for you to sleep well!

Oh My Dear Muruga, even during the time of sleep, your face doesn’t appear dull, but it looks brighter similar to the full moon. Even if you touch the ordinary water on your tender hands, very soon, it becomes the divine nectar. The sound of the breath which you release from your nose is like hearing the Gandharva Gana, and even if you drink the poison, it would not harm you, since you are the Lord of the entire universe.

My Murugan would do Leelas, my Murugan would do so many miracles, My Murugan is also affectionately called by me as Balamurugan, and he is my precious child. He would dwell on the lap of his mother Ma Shakti Devi, and he used to show all the divine worlds on his two eyes.

My Child Muruga is the one, who has created the 14 worlds, and he is able to lift all the worlds on his little arms, I don’t know what kind of meditation we have all done in our previous births in order to have our lovely child Muruga as our most benevolent worshipful god?

My child Muruga is the one, who contains superior powers than that of Lord Brahma, Vishnu and Indra, but we could be able to tie Lord Muruga on our soul, by showing our true love and affection on him. He always pleases others through his playful acts, and sometimes he even used to show his divine vision in front of his devotees.

My Child Muruga is worshipped even by the great sages like Sanaka, and with his gentle smile, he steals the hearts of everyone, and I have been very much blessed to worship our beloved child Muruga as our most precious god.

My Child Muruga would release his devotees from their hardships and also from the repeated chain of birth cycles. Those who worship him sincerely need not worry about their life, since they have been well-protected by my wonderful child Muruga.

My Child Muruga is the child not only for me, but for the entire mothers in the world. He brings happiness to those who suffer from worries, provides food for the hunger, removes the sins of the sinners, and shows the proper path in the lives of his devotees.

My Child Muruga does not harm anyone, but he would give a soothing effect to the pains of the devotees, kill their bad habits, and make them to lead a disciplined life. Being the superior god, he would always torch the divine light before us, in order to walk properly in the correct path in our life journey.

The meaning for the word beautiful is Lord Muruga, since he seems to be very beautiful. You are the one who have settled down in the abode of Palani Hills in naked form, you are the one who has defeated and killed the great demon Surapadman, you are the one who safeguards us through your divine spear (“VEL”). Those who apply the sacred ash of Lord Muruga, would be relieved from their sins and diseases.

Perform holy bath on the earthly abodes of Lord Muruga, and especially at the Palani Murugan Temple, in order to attain salvation.

Oh Lord Muruga, I would never forget you, since I consider you as my beloved god.
Oh Lord Muruga, I would never spend a single day, without chanting your wonderful names and divine mantras.

You are the great consort of Ma Valli and Ma Devasena, once if we think about you, our heart would melt down. Please remove the troubles and turmoil of the people in the earth in this difficult Kali Yuga.

You are the affectionate brother of the fat bellied and the elephant headed god Lord Ganapati, you are the head of the Devas, and you are the pious son of Lord Shiva and Ma Parvati.

Oh Lord Muruga, you are governing the entire universe in a wonderful manner. Those who approach you by visiting your temples would attain great divinity, sanctity and purity.

Oh my Lord Muruga, people forgets you since they live in their dream world, please remove their worldly illusions and make them to realize about you.
By worshipping the six headed god Arumuga who contains twelve arms, all of our problems would come to an end.

Oh Lord Muruga, I have sought refuge under your lotus feet, through great devotion, hereafter, no one could separate us, since I love you so much!

Lord Muruga would come with us in all walks of our life like our shadow.

Oh Lord Muruga, who appears like a bar of gold, you are my sweet heart, you are everything for me, you are the leader for the entire world, you are highly efficient, you are the Divine Guru, you are highly knowledgeable and your powers are extraordinary!
By worshipping your Divine spear, we gets relieved from our sins, by thinking about your divine peacock, we gets relieved from fear.

I consider that worshipping your Divine Spear is my first and foremost duty.

Oh Lord Muruga, you are the fire god Agni Bhagavan and gives light to the world, you are the wind god Lord Vayu, and gives air to the entire world, you are the earth goddess, Ma Bhumi Devi, who helps us to get proper food grains, you are the Surya and Chandra, who makes the world to shine brightly, you are Lord Varuna, who gives sufficient water and quenches our thirst, you are the great Lord Indra, who showers rain in the seasons, you are Lord Rama and Krishna who has established the Dharma in the world.

Oh Lord Muruga, you are the son of the matter hair god Shiva, you are the son of the fish eyed goddess Uma Devi, you are the powerful king Prahalada who has established “BHAKTI” on the minds of the people, you are the great Dhruva, who shines brightly on the skies, you are the Parandama, Lord Vishnu, who protects the entire world, you are the four headed god Brahma, who wonderfully discharges his creation work, you are the powerful Lord Indra, the god of heavens.


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