Muruhini, Muruga’s Female Form

Ma Muruhini is the female form of Lord Muruga, and she was mentioned in the Holy Text Skanda Purana as a charming young and wonderful female goddess, who contains the aspects of Lord Muruga. She is also believed to be the sister of Lord Muruga, and she cannot be confused with Mohini, the popular female avatar of Lord Vishnu. The sculptures of Ma Muruhini are found in some ancient Temples, and she was also praised in the ancient Sangam literature as the goddess of victory and health.

Ancient Tamil people worshipped her very sincerely, and before thousand years ago, few temples were also dedicated to her in Tamil Nadu, but in course of time, those temples were destroyed by some Muslim Kings during the time of their invasion. Muruhini is also known as Ma Skanda Shakti and Skanda Mata. She has four hands, and in one of the hands she shows the blessing mudra, and she holds various weapons in the other three hands and she can be seen seated on the divine peacock. She is soft and gentle in nature. Ancient priests were also offered a share of oblation derived from the fire sacrifices to Ma Muruhini, but in course of time, the system was disappeared by considering her as a not so popular goddess! The name of Ma Muruhini was also mentioned in the ancient Vedas, and from that, we could know about the existence of Ma Muruhini.

She is also known as Ma Skanda Bhairavi and she also contains the features of Ma Shakti Devi. She is mainly worshipped for getting rid from diseases, fear, mental tension and worries. People who suffer from diseases and from financial stress are advised to worship Ma Muruhini, in order to get good results in their life. She also blesses the newly wedded couples and grants good children to them. Her worship is a must for those who suffer from permanent problems in their life.

Among the several goddesses, Ma Muruhini showers blessings on her devotees like the vast ocean, and we should perform milk bath to her, especially on Tuesdays. Worshipping her with red flowers would please her, and would grant immense boons to us. As per ancient legend, when Lord Shiva had created Lord Muruga from his third eye spark, he was not completely satisfied with his creation activity. Hence he again created a female goddess from his third eye spark, and named her as Muruhini, and she was brought up by Ma Shakti Devi in a nice manner in the Holy Mountain Kailash. When Lord Muruga had waged a war with the demon Surapadman, his sister Ma Muruhini has also created thousands of female warriors, and made them to fight with the demon Surapadman.

It is also believed that after Lord Muruga had defeated the Demon Surapadman, and made the Devas to lead a peaceful life, Ma Muruhini had merged with Lord Muruga, but her wonderful character is only rarely mentioned in our ancient Tamil Texts.

Those who want to worship Lord Muruga in the form of mother goddess can worship him as “MA MURUHINI”, since it is believed, that Ma Muruhini still protects her true devotees from dangers and difficulties, by dwelling on the body of her affectionate brother Lord Muruga.


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