Mayilvahanan | Muruga, as his divine Vehicle is ‘Mayil’ (Peacock)



Mayilvahanan is another name for Lord Muruga since he is very fond of his divine vehicle peacock, also known as Mayil in Tamil language. In Tamil Nadu and in some Asian countries like Singapore, Malaysia and Combodia, most of the Tamil speaking people would name their children as “MURUGA”,”SARAVANA”,”SHANMUGA”, “KADHIRKAMA” and as “MAYILVAHANAN”. After the death of Surapadman, Lord Muruga had granted him salvation and made him as his Divine Vehicle Peacock, and he has also showed much love and affection towards his holy Vehicle Peacock.

For most of the Ancient Chettiar Community people and still now, Lord Muruga is their Family Deity, and hence out of their true bhakti, they used to present the Divine spear and also the Thanga Kavasam, known as Golden Shield to the Murugan Temples.

Lord Muruga uses his Divine Peacock to travel to various places. While Muruga had given his divine darshan to Sri Pamban Swamigal, his divine vehicle peacock was also present there, and it also blessed Sri Pamban Swamigal, by raising a melodious sound!
In the famous Murugan Namavali, the name ‘Mayilvahanan’ was also mentioned. Some staunch Murugan devotees would also name their girl child as ‘Murugini’, ‘Mayilvahini’, ‘Mayilini’ and as ‘Shanmugi’. The great poet Nakeerar has mentioned the word ‘MAYILVAHANAN’ which represents the name of Lord Muruga, in his famous ‘THIRUMURUGATRUPADAI’. Ancient tribal people also used to name their children as “THIRUMURUGAN MAYIL VAHANAN’, and these details were found in some Tamil Holy Texts of Hinduism.

Whenever we recite the word, “MURUGA” or his any other names, we could feel as if we consume the divine nectar. But at present, due to the evil influence of Kali Purusha, some bad minded people finds fault with Lord Muruga, by raising questions about his two wives, about his six faces and about his birth!

But in course of time, even those people would be able to know about the significance of Lord Muruga, and at that time, they used to surely bow their heads before Muruga, and also would seek apology to the great Lord.


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