Sant Vishnudas

Sant Vishnudas (16th century AD) was a Marathi saint. He wrote the great epic Mahabharat, in Marathi language, and apart from that, he also wrote lot of bhakti songs on Lord Vittal, a form of Lord Krishna. Vishnudas is also appreciated by the 18th century Marathi poet Mahipati, and his poems are considered as very […]

Sant Bhagwan Das

Pandharpur is the holy abode of Lord Vithoba, and it is located in Maharashtra. Notable saints like Dnyaneshwar, Namdev and Tukaram’s holy feet touched the divine Pandharpur, and made the temple city into most auspicious. Similar to them, during the 18th century AD, there was a famous Warkari Saint, who lived in Pandharpur, and his […]

Samarth Guru Akkalkot Swami Punyatithi

akkalkot swami samartha

Samarth Guru Akkalkot Swami Punyatithi (Punya Divas) is the Maha Samadhi day of Akkalkot Niwasi Shri Swami Samartha who is also known as Swami Samartha Maharaj. In 2021, Samarth Guru Akkalkot Swami Punyadivas date is May 9. It falls on Krishna Trayodasi in Chaitra Month as per Marathi, Kannada & Telugu Calendars and in Vaishakh […]

Shraddha Kamayani

Shraddha Kamayani (First Century AD) was one of the female Rishis and the famous woman during the first Century AD. It is believed that she was born in a village in Maharashtra in a pious family. She has contributed certain portions of texts in the Rig Veda (10.151), and she was considered as a pure, […]

Sri Guru Dev Maharaj

During the 19th century there lived a great saint, in a village at Maharashtra, who was later known as Sri Guru Dev Maharaj. He is an incarnation of Lord Shiva, and for his sincere devotees, he has appeared in the form of Lord Shiva. His details are not known to many people, since he doesn’t […]

Sant Sankhya | Sweeper who has become Sant

Sankhya (15th century AD) was born in a village in Maharashtra, and he was a sweeper by profession. Due to his good karmas, he got the opportunity of sweeping in a Krishna Temple at his village, but he is not allowed to enter inside the main shrine of the temple, since he belonged to a […]

Sant Kotnaka Suru

Sant Kotnaka Suru (15th Century AD) was born in a village in Maharashtra in a lower class community, and his family business was making of earthen pots. Though he was a poor person, he never worried about his family status, but kept sincere bhakti on Lord Vithoba. During annual festivals, he used to visit Pandharpur […]

Sant Bhadurdasa

Bhadurdasa was a 17th century saint, he was born in a village in Maharashtra, and he was a great devotee of Lord Vittala, a form of Lord Krishna. He was born in a lower caste, and he has done gardening job in the homes of rich landlords, and also cultivated food crops in their farm […]

Sant KaluDev

Sant KaluDev was born in the present day Maharashtra, and he belongs to Fisherman community. He was also a great varkari saint similar to Namdev, Dyaneswar and Eknath. From his young age onwards, he used to catch fishes from the nearby lake, for earning some money for his family, and in the remaining time, he […]

Sant Hari | Son of Sant Eknath

Sant Hari (16th century AD) was the son of Eknath Maharaj, who was also a holy man similar to his father, and he was a staunch devotee of Lord Krishna and a great Varkari saint. Varkari Saints are the sincere devotees of Lord Vithoba, a form of Lord Krishna, and their entire thoughts would be […]

Sant Vijja | Ardent devotee of Vitthala

Vijja was a 8th century female poet who was born in a village in the present day Maharashtra. She was a staunch devotee of Lord Vittal, a form of Lord Krishna. She spent her childhood days, by playing with the idol of Vittal, and treated the great Lord Vittal as her friend. At her young […]

Vidyananda Bhosle | Devotee of Pandharpur Panduranga Vittala

Vidyananda Bhosle was lived before 500 years ago at Pandharpur, Maharashtra, and he was a staunch devotee of Lord Vittal. He was a great scholar and learned Vedas, Shastras and Upanishads, and also taught it to others. Due to his vast knowledge in divine subjects, he has become proud, and began to consider himself as […]

Sant Kashiba Maharaj | Kashiba Gurav

Sant Kashiba Maharaj (13th century AD) also known as Gurav Maharaj, was born in a village in Maharashtra in a pious Hindu Brahmin family, and he eagerly served in a Shiva Temple as a Temple Priest, worshipped the god, performed pujas, and also warmly welcomed the villagers to the temple, without seeing their caste, creed […]

Keshav Pandit (Keshav Swami) | Chief Priest of Shivaji Maharaj

Keshav Pandit (17th century AD) also called as Keshav Swami lived during the time of Chhatrapati Shivaji, and he served as a chief priest to Sri Shivaji, and he was a Sanskrit scholar and a famous poet during his period. He was considered as a friend of Shivaji, and used to participate in his family […]

Janardan Swami | Guru of Sant Eknath

Janardan Swami (1504-1575) was a bhakti poet and saint. He was the guru of the famous Saint Eknath, a famous devotee of Lord Panduranga, a form of Lord Krishna. His works were written in Marathi and Hindi language. Janardan Swami was born in a Brahmin family at Maharashtra, and he was an ardent devotee of […]

Sant Sakhubai

Sant Sakhubai was the daughter of a poor couple in Pandharpur. She was born a few hundred years ago in Pandharpur. Her parents were very humble and straight forward in nature. They were very sincere devotees of Lord Panduranga. They always worship him with pure bhakti in their mind. LIFE She was fully involved in […]

Swami Samarth Ramdas

Samarth Ramdas (1608-1681) was a saint and a famous poet of Maharashtra. He has written various famous poems. Ramdas was an ardent devotee of Lord Rama and Lord Hanuman. His birth name was Narayan Suryaji Thosar. He was born in a village in Jalna district, Maharashtra in a Brahmin family. It is believed that due […]

Mahadev Govind Ranade | Marathi Social Reformer

Mahadev Govind Ranade (1842–1901) was a writer, social reformer and a politician. He served in the Indian National Congress for some years, and also worked as a judge in the Bombay High Court, Maharashtra. During his life,he established various institutions like Granthottejak Sabha and the Prarthana Samaj, for the benefit of the society, and also […]

Shri Dada Godse Ramdasi | Disciple of Shridhara Swami Maharaj

Shri Dada Godse Ramdasi is one of the disciples of Sadguru Shri Shridhar Swami Maharaj. He was born in the year 1929 in a pious Hindu family at Chalisgaon in Maharashtra. His birth name was Govind Shankar Godse. Dada Godse Ramdasi was good at studies, and was involved himself in deep meditation and yoga at […]