Sant Sankhya | Sweeper who has become Sant

Sankhya (15th century AD) was born in a village in Maharashtra, and he was a sweeper by profession. Due to his good karmas, he got the opportunity of sweeping in a Krishna Temple at his village, but he is not allowed to enter inside the main shrine of the temple, since he belonged to a lower caste, and he was considered as an untouchable by the then people of Maharashtra.

Though he was uneducated, he used to hear the divine discourses like Ramayana and Bhagavatham, which would be conducted in the Krishna Temple, and slowly he was familiarised with the holy texts. Due to his self-interest, he learned music, and with his meager savings, he purchased a Tambura, a kind of musical instrument, and he himself began to write wonderful songs on Lord Krishna, and sung in the Krishna temple by playing the tambura, during his free time.

Devotees began to gather in front of him, to listen to his songs, and they have praised him too. The temple priest and the other staffs disliked his acts, and one day, they hit him hardly on his head. Immediately blood began to ooze from the head of the poor Sankhya, and even then, he didn’t get angry with them, but cried and prayed to the Lord to forgive them. He is such a kind of pious person.

The next day morning, when the temple staffs opened the shrine of Lord Krishna, they saw blood oozing from the head of Lord Krishna, and they were astonished. After some time, they realized their mistakes, fell at the feet of Sankhya and asked apology to him.

After knowing about the incident, Sankhya was allowed to enter inside the main shrine of the temple, and through his sincere prayers, blood was stopped from the head of Lord Krishna. People in his village knew about his significance, and they gifted some agriculture lands to him. But the noble Sankhya politely refused it, and asked them to gift it to the temple. Till his death, he remained as a humble sweeper in the Krishna Temple, and discharged his duties properly. He also entertained the people through his excellent songs on Lord Krishna.

Through his selfless devotion, he had the darshan of Lord Krishna for several times in his life, and it is believed that after his death, he attained the lotus feet of Lord Krishna.


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