Sri Guru Dev Maharaj

During the 19th century there lived a great saint, in a village at Maharashtra, who was later known as Sri Guru Dev Maharaj. He is an incarnation of Lord Shiva, and for his sincere devotees, he has appeared in the form of Lord Shiva. His details are not known to many people, since he doesn’t want his details to be disclosed among others. His details were mentioned in Hindu holy texts, and I got to know about him through that. He has also written some spiritual books in praise of Lord Shiva and Ma Parvati in the form of palm leaf manuscripts.

He got married to a pious and a worshipful lady named as Sridevi, who is also considered to be an incarnation of Mata Parvati Devi. And they had sons and daughters. Even at the time of his daughter’s death, he didn’t prevent her from dying, and thought that the act is the desire of the god. But he has done many miracles in the life of his sincere devotees.

Once he has saved a devotee from black magic, which was kept by his enemies, due to his promotion in the higher post in the Central Government. He tied a Raksha in his hand, and throughout his life, he was protected by that Raksha. Once, he tried to safeguard the life of his devotee’s wife by asking her to recite the name of Lord Shiva or his name. But due to her bad luck, she didn’t think about it seriously and not chanted the mantra, and due to that, suddenly due to fire accident, she was died.

Due to that Gurudev has become very angry with the Fire God, Lord Agni Dev, and decided to punish him. But at that time, Lord Vinayaka appeared in the form of white elephant with the divine Amirtha pot in his trunk, and circumambulated Sri Gurudev, and made him to realise that everything is happening based on the fate, and there is no need to punish Lord Agnidev, and disappeared from that place. Then he has become pacified, due to the appearance of Lord Vinayaka in the form of elephant. But after her death, due to the grace of Sri Guru Dev Maharaj, she has attained SALVATION.

Usually he will used to dwell only in the forest along with his wife and children. And he didn’t get any problem from the animals living in the forest. They will used to circumambulate and sit in front of them without giving any disturbance to them. He has got such great spiritual powers.

Once he has participated in a puja performed by his devotee, and suddenly, the devotee’s mother has called his son and said secretly, that the Guru while performing Puja has turned in the form of Lord Shiva, with snakes in his neck and wearing the tiger skin, and having a trisool in his hand. After the performance of the puja, the devotee has asked about this matter to Gurudev. And Gurudev said that his mother was a pious and a noble woman and due to that she has got his darshan in the form of Lord Shiva.

He also removed the diseases from the devotee’s body, removed black magic, and insisted them to chant the Shiva Mantra “OM NAMAH SHIVAYA” on a continuous basis, in order to get all the prospects in their life. He also changed the bad hearted souls into good ones, and made them to worship the god, and also shown his true form, and blessed them.
After his death, he has merged with Lord Shiva.

Let us worship the holy saint and be blessed.


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