Sant Ramabai

Ramabai (15th century AD) was a pious woman saint who hailed from a village in Maharashtra. She was born in a family of musicians, and her father was well-versed in playing Thamburu and Veena in the court of the then kings of Maharashtra. At her young age, Ramabai was put up under her father to learn music. Soon, she learnt the music profession very well, and shined prosperously in that field. She was never married with anyone, since she considered Lord Krishna as her only companion. She gave free Music coaching to her neighbours, and with her mesmerising wonderful songs on Lord Krishna, she filled up her entire village with full of Krishna Bhakti Spirit.

Once, the king of Maharashtra was happened to listen to her songs, when he was roaming on the streets by disguising himself in the form of a villager. The emperor loved her songs and at the same time, he loved her beauty also. The next day morning, he sent some of his messengers to her home, in order to bring her to his palace. When Ramabai came to knew about it, she was very much worried about her pathetic condition, asked the messengers to wait for some time, and went straight to her puja room, and stood before the idol of Lord Krishna, and requested him to show mercy on her.

Lord Krishna had responded to her prayers, and within a few seconds, he made her into an ugly old woman and her costly dresses and ornaments were disappeared from her body and in her body, Japamalas and simple Saffron Sari only were found. When Ramabai had realized about the mercy shown by Lord Krishna, joyfully, she called the messengers and asked her to take to the palace of the king.

The King’s messengers were very much surprised on seeing her strange appearance, and hence, they took her respectfully in a Palanquin and brought her before the Maharashtra king. After knowing about the divine incidents from the mouth of Ramabai, the king has asked her to apologise him, sent her to her home with good respect, and fulfilled her wishes by building a small temple of Lord Krishna at her home itself.

Sant Ramabai showed lot of kindness to the people, and with her great efforts, the “KRISHNA BHAKTI MOVEMENT” was reached at its peak. After living a pious life for a few years, Sant Ramabai had reached the lotus feet of Lord Krishna.


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