Sant Vishnudas

Sant Vishnudas (16th century AD) was a Marathi saint. He wrote the great epic Mahabharat, in Marathi language, and apart from that, he also wrote lot of bhakti songs on Lord Vittal, a form of Lord Krishna. Vishnudas is also appreciated by the 18th century Marathi poet Mahipati, and his poems are considered as very sweet by the kings and the general public during his period. The bhakti shown by him on Vittal Mahaprabhu is very high. Daily he used to take his food only after performing puja to Lord Vittal.

Sant Vishnudas is a great Marathi scholar, and he was a kind hearted person. Even though he was a rich person, he donated most of his wealth for the welfare of the poor people. It is believed that once he got the divine vision of Lord Vittal, and after seeing his marvelous face, his knowledge in penning poems was increased at a tremendous speed.

Apart from the Mahabharata, the other popular works of Vishnudas are as follows:

1. Ananta vratakatha

2. Ekadashi Mahatmya

3. Kathabharati

4. Krishna katha

5. Garudakhyan

6. Tulsi

7. Harishchandra purana katha

8. Chandrahas

9. Sita swayamvar

The contents present in some of his poems are as follows:-

Oh! My dear Vittal, come before me, and hug me like my mother.
Please wait, wait.Don’t go. I want to see your divine beauty for several hours.
Though I was born in Maratha Kingdom, I consider my home town as Pandharpur, since my Lord Vittal dwells there.

Oh! My Dear Vittal, after seeing you, I didn’t get hungry, and I don’t want to sleep, I always want to live under your holy feet.

Oh! My Sweet Vittala, your kingdom is always bright for us.

Oh! Lord Vittala, I want you to see in the form of a child, and also I want to watch your wonderful Leelas and miracles performed by you during the Dwapara Yuga.

Oh! The great Lord Vittala, no more I want to stay in this difficult world, please take me to your abode.

Oh! My lovely Vittala, I consider you as everything in my life, and I would never forget you at any time.

Oh! My Lord Vittala, by chanting your wonderful names, I have got enlightenment in my life.

Oh, My Dear Lord Vittala.Please shower your grace on all of your devotees, and make them to realize you, and grant salvation to them.


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