Gandharva King ‘Chitrasena’

Chitrasena is a Gandharva king, and he is also a close friend of Lord Indra. He was mentioned in the Mahabharata as a charming and a nice person who contains excellent qualities. He is very good in warfare and a great Archer. When Arjuna went to the Indra Loka to meet his father Lord Indra, […]

King Pratipa | Pratipa in Mahabharata

Pratipa was the king of Hastinapur and he ruled it during the previous dwaparayuga. He was mentioned in the Mahabharata, and he was the father of Shantanu and his grandson is Bhishma. His parents were king Bhimasena and queen Sukumari. He was married to Sunanda and his sons were Shantanu, Devapi and Bahlika. He was […]

King Shalivahana

Shalivahana was a great emperor, and it is believed, that he must have ruled almost the entire India, before few thousands of years. The period he ruled the kingdom was known as “THE SHALIVAHANA ERA”. He has written lot of poems, and he is a great scholar, and an expert in all kinds of arts. […]

King Nimi | Son of Ikshvaku

Nimi is considered as the king of Mithila and he was the son of Ishvaku, and after his rule, several other kings were ruled the Kingdom of Mithila, and among them, the noble king Janaka also ruled Mithila, who was the father of Sita and the father-in-law of Lord Rama. Once Nimi performed Yagna and […]

King Ikshvaku | Son of Manu, Founder of Ikshvaku dynasty

According to Hindu Mythology, Ikshvaku was the son of Manu, and he was the first king of the Ikshvaku / Suryavansha dynasty. He was mentioned in various Puranas and in Hindu texts. Ikshvaku’s sons were Vikukshi and Nimi. Nimi was the founder of the Kingdom of the Videhas. Rama was the descendant of King Ikshvaku, […]

Vajradatta | Son of King Bhagadatta of Pragjyotisha Kingdom

Vajradatta was the son of the great king Bhagadatta, and he ruled the Pragjyotisha Kingdom in a righteous manner. Vajradatta had learnt the Vedas and other divine subjects from Brihaspati, the divine Guru. Vajradatta is powerful similar to Indra, and he has done lot of yagnas and pleased the Vedic deities. He was mentioned in […]

King Vikukshi

Vikukshi is a King of the Ishvaku dynasty. He is the son of Ishvaku and the father of Kakustha. He was the ancestor of Lord Rama, and he ruled the kingdom of Ayodhya in a well-versed manner. He provided shelters for the travellers, and opened annadana choultries throughout the country, for the benefit of the […]

Ancient Kings & Queens

Ancient kings are queens are considered as sacred and worshipful human beings. Some kings were considered as the divine incarnations of the god, and they ruled their kingdom in a prospective manner and they patiently listened to the difficulties of the people, and provided proper solutions for their sufferings. They ruled the country in the […]

King Bahuka

Bahuka was a noble king of the Ikshvaku dynasty, and the ruler of Ayodhya Kingdom, and he was the son of King Vrika. He was a kind-hearted king, and due to some misconception, he was driven out from his own country by the tribes, and took shelter in the forest and got divine knowledge and […]

King Priyavrata | Maharaja Priyavrata

King Priyavrata was an ancient king who ruled almost the entire India before few thousands of years, and he ruled his kingdom in a well-versed manner. He was mastered in all kinds of arts and was a capable person in handling powerful weapons during the battle field. Priyavrata was a great devotee of Lord Vishnu, […]

King Raghu | Raghu Maharaja

Raghu was a ruler of the Ikshvaku dynasty. He was born to King Dilipa and his queen Sudakshina. Through his great valour and powers, his dynasty itself was called as the Raghuvamsha. The details about him were mentioned by the great poet and Kali Devotee Kalidasa in his poem Raghuvamsha. He had expanded his kingdom […]

Jada Bharata | King who became Saint

Once, there lived a king with the name Bharata and he ruled throughout India, and by his name, India is called as “BHARAT”. He ruled in a most efficient manner, and at his old age, he made his son as the king, and left to the forest and lived like a sage. Once he saw […]

Dilipa | King of Suryavansha Ikshvaku dynasty

Dilipa was a king of Suryavamsh Ikshvaku dynasty, and a popular king who was praised by the people for his GOLDEN RULE. The details about him were mentioned in the text of Kalidasa called Raghuvamsa.Dilipa’s father was Amshuman. Lord Rama was born in this dynasty. Once when Dilipa went to the heavens, he didn’t noticed […]