Jada Bharata | King who became Saint

Once, there lived a king with the name Bharata and he ruled throughout India, and by his name, India is called as “BHARAT”. He ruled in a most efficient manner, and at his old age, he made his son as the king, and left to the forest and lived like a sage.

Once he saw a deer, and took care of it, and was always thinking about it. At the time of dying, due to the thoughts of the deer, he was born as a holy deer. After his next birth, he was born in a Brahmin family, without having any attachment to worldly objects and not interested to do any kind of work. Due to that, his brothers and parents were got angry with him and drove him out. He wandered in the streets and lived his life by taking alms, and being the direct son of Lord Brahma in his previous births, he got great spiritual powers, and lived like a yogi.

Once he was taken to a Kali temple by some thieves for sacrificing him to the goddess Kali. Due to his divine powers, Ma Kali emerged from the statue and killed the thieves and blessed the great “JADA BHARATA”.

Once he had given the work of lifting the palanquin (PALKHI) of a king. Since he walked slowly for not causing harm to the tiny insects in the earth, the people carrying the palanquin were not able to do their duty. On knowing about this, the king was become furious and shouted at him. At that time, Jada Bharata had given a detailed explanation about the soul and the body, and a body only will be destroyed and a soul will never be destroyed and will take several re-births and at the final stage, it will be merged with the god.

On hearing the great explanation from the mouth of Jada Bharata, the king was very much pleased and accepted him as his Guru.

Let us worship the great Jada Bharata and be blessed.

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