King Raghu | Raghu Maharaja

Raghu was a ruler of the Ikshvaku dynasty. He was born to King Dilipa and his queen Sudakshina. Through his great valour and powers, his dynasty itself was called as the Raghuvamsha. The details about him were mentioned by the great poet and Kali Devotee Kalidasa in his poem Raghuvamsha.

He had expanded his kingdom by conquering the other states. He performed Vishwajit Yajna and gave all his wealth as charity. After completion of Yajna when all the wealth was given as donation, Sage Kautsa, went to Raghu and asked him to give 140 million gold coins as honorarium.

Raghu, who was a brave man, went to Kubera Loka and fought with the yaksha king, and received 140 million gold coins, and gave it to Sage Kautsa. He is such a good and a noble man, who has fulfilled the promise, and satisfied sage Kautsa, by giving huge wealth to him.

He also ruled the region in a proper manner and given a “GOLDEN RULE” during his period. No one has faced any difficulties, and he was a well-wisher of the entire people of his kingdom, and discharged his duties in a proper manner.

Let us praise the glory of the divine king Raghu and be blessed.

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