King Ikshvaku | Son of Manu, Founder of Ikshvaku dynasty

According to Hindu Mythology, Ikshvaku was the son of Manu, and he was the first king of the Ikshvaku / Suryavansha dynasty. He was mentioned in various Puranas and in Hindu texts.

Ikshvaku’s sons were Vikukshi and Nimi. Nimi was the founder of the Kingdom of the Videhas. Rama was the descendant of King Ikshvaku, and Ikshvaku was the famous dynasty, and lot of popular kings were ruled in this dynasty.

King Ikshvaku was the grandson of Lord Brahma, and he was specialised in all kinds of arts at his younger age itself. He ruled the kingdom during the Treta Yuga in a prosperous manner. All the people in his kingdom were lived happily and peacefully under his regime. No one has suffered from poverty, diseases and from any other mental worries. There was no earth quake, floods, cyclones and natural disasters during his period. Everyone had lived a long life, and got enough wealth and lived in a disciplined manner.

Lord Brahma also blessed Ikshvaku and granted many boons for his good behaviour. He ruled his region for a long period of time, and after his death, he reached the Swarga Loka.

Let us worship the noble king and be blessed.

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