Dilipa | King of Suryavansha Ikshvaku dynasty

Dilipa was a king of Suryavamsh Ikshvaku dynasty, and a popular king who was praised by the people for his GOLDEN RULE. The details about him were mentioned in the text of Kalidasa called Raghuvamsa.Dilipa’s father was Amshuman. Lord Rama was born in this dynasty.

Once when Dilipa went to the heavens, he didn’t noticed and paid respects to the divine cow Kamadhenu, and due to thathe was cursed by the divine cow for becoming childless. In order to get relieved from the curse, the king worshipped the divine cow Nandini, who was the daughter of Kamadhenu.

He also served Nandini for several days, and due to that her mother Kamadhenu was very happy with him and blessed him to have children.

Dilipa was a noble and a pious king, who has performed several yagnas to please the gods and the demigods, and also ruled his kingdom in a proper manner. He provided proper food to his people, and established several annadan choultry throughout his kingdom. During his reign, no one had complained to him about their problems, and everybody lived happily and peacefully, without any sufferings in their body and mind. He ruled his region, similar to Sri Rama, and was well appreciated by the people and also by the divine gods in the heaven.

Let us worship the great king and be blessed.

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