Sweetness of Hinduism

Hindu Dharma

Hindu Dharma

Hinduism is a sweet religion, and we can find lot of teachings and the philosophies of great saints and sages. Rishi Vedavyasa had given very good sacred works to us like Mahabharata, Bhagavatham and Puranas. His son Sukha Brahma Rishi had narrated the honey filled stories of Bhagavatham to king Parikshit, and as a result after his death, he has attained salvation. Rishi Valmiki had given the great epic Ramayana, and from that epic, we can learn lot of good things, and we can adopt it in our general life. Similar by reading the life history of various brave kings like Chatrapathi Shivaji, Vikramaditya and Bhojaraja, we would get braveness and willpower.

Hinduism never insists people to regularly visit and worship the temples. It is left to the choice of the people whether to worship in the temples or not. When the people want to live pleasantly, then they can worship, since bhakti would reduce depression, and gives more enthusiasm in our life. Hindus are the most tolerable people in the world, and normally they won’t fight with other religious people, even if they insult them.

In religions like Christianity and Islam, people would give more importance for their religion, and they would even sacrifice their lives for the sake of their religion. But some Hindus are not having that much interest in their religion, and they are mostly thinking about their comforts and luxuries. But if they suffer from any problems in their life, simply they are cursing the god. Hindus must give more importance for their religion similar to Christianity and Islam, and everyone must contain a copy of Bhagavat Gita Book, similar to the holy Bible and holy Quran, and must read it regularly.

Simply spending our time for filling up our belly is of no use, since respecting our religion and its beliefs and values is not a bad act. Hindus can consider other religious people as their own brothers and sisters, but at the same time they have to try to uplift our Hindu religion, which was founded by the great saints, sages and by the divine avatars.


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