Allasani Peddana | Andhra Kavita Pitamaha

Allasani Peddana (15th Century AD) was a popular Telugu poet and was one among the famous eight poets in the court of the famous Vijayanagara King Sri Krishnadevaraya. Peddana was born in a town near Anantapur, Andhra Pradesh. He later moved to a village in Kadapa District, and stayed in a house which was presented […]

Srinatha Kavi | Telugu Poet Srinatha ‘Kavi Sarvabhowma’

Srinatha (1365–1441) was a famous Telugu poet who was well versed in composing songs in a simplified manner. Srinatha was born in a village in Krishna district to a pious Brahmin family in the year 1365. Srinatha was highly respected in the court of kings and he is expert in Telugu, and was highly praised […]

Ancient Hindu Poets

Ancient poets are created by the god to serve the purpose of praising the divine deities through their famous poems. Lot of poets are born in India, and they are praised for their sincere devotion on god. Their poems contain sweet verses, and attracts, even the non-believers of the god. Most of the poets were […]