Sri Sitaraman, a great multi-faceted personality

Sri Sitaraman, who is one of the directors of SR Realtors (Srivatsam Senior Citizens Homes), is a great multi-faceted personality, who used to explain even the toughest matter in a simplified manner. He is a great admirer of Sri Sri Krishnapremi Swamigal, and he used to highly honour him, whenever he meets him.

Recently, he has given a wonderful speech about Swami Vivekananda even without keeping any notes on his hand! While giving speech, Words were freely flown from his mouth like the waterfall! He has stored lot of valuable things on his brain! He has got good ability, capability and readability, and he has got good memory power due to the grace of the Divine Mother, Ma Saraswati. He has got much interest in delivering lectures on spiritual matters, and he used to regularly participate in the temple festivals held at Srivatsam Temples. He is well-versed in reciting various Divine Mantras, since he has learnt it during his young age itself!

Srivatsam Senior Citizens Homes has earned a good reputation among the residents, guests, and the general public, due to the good features of Sri Sitaraman. We could extract lot of information from him, whenever we discuss with him about any topics. He also used to release lot of YouTube Videos covering spiritual, motivational and general, and would share it immediately with the Srivatsam Residents. He used to hear the problems of the residents with much care and attention, with a smiling face, and would resolve it immediately!

When I first met him at Srivatsam during February 2021, I said, “Sir you have been doing a very good Marketing”. On hearing my words, Sri Sitaraman immediately told to me “sir please don’t say like that, I am only rendering service to the senior people, and my main aim is to always keep them happily, comfortably and peacefully”. He is a man of simplicity, who used to mostly wear a neat white dhoti, he can always be seen with a smiling face, and he used to interact with the residents, staffs and others in a soft manner.

Since he has given me full freedom to write articles pertaining to him, that’s why I have written this article happily. In this difficult Kali Yuga, we can find lot of Ravanans, whereas, we could find only few Ramans, and our Sitaraman is one among them! Those who want to greet him can contact him on his Mobile No. 9600200655.


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