Sri Sitaraman, Director of SR Realtors

Sri Sitaraman is one of the directors of the popular Srivatsam Senior Citizens Homes (SR Realtors), and he is highly respected and loved by the residents of Srivatsam. The other director of Srivatsam, Mr.Samiraj is also a perfect gentleman, who moves cordially with the Srivatsam Residents, and he is a staunch devotee of Guru Sri Raghavendra Swamigal, and he has so far visited the Mantralayam Shrine of Guru Raghavendra Swamy for several times.
Sri Sitaraman is a multifaceted personality, and he is an expert in performing divine discourses on Vinayaka Puranam, Skanda Puranam and Srimad Bhagavatham, and apart from that, he is also an expert in writing spiritual articles, and so far, he has published several spiritual books and recently, he has performed very well in acting field also!

On 24 November 2022 evening, at Premi Kendram hall, when the great legendary actor, Sri Y.Gee. Mahendra’s super Play Charukesi were telecasted, our Sitaraman Sir has also performed a small role in that play as a police inspector. After seeing his face on the stage, I could hear the cheerful voices of the Srivatsam Residents, Oh! This is our Sitaraman Sir! See how wonderfully he suits for that character! It’s very amazing to see him in a different character on the stage. Like that, I could hear the continuous praise talks about Sri Sitaraman by the Srivatsam Residents, and he appears like a Super Star before the eyes of the Srivatsam Residents.

Similar to Sri Sitaraman, his wife, Mrs.Lalitha Sitaraman is also a soft natured lady, who used to interact with the residents kindly, gently and patiently, and she showers her motherly affection on each and every resident of Srivatsam, irrespective of their gender, age and status. Likewise, Sri Samiraj’s wife Mrs.Rama, is also a wonderful lady, who could be seen by us always with a smile, and both of these two excellent ladies also takes part in the affairs of their life partner’s business.

Our life is very short, and in this short life, daily, daily we are facing lot of challenges, tensions and difficulties. My main aim is to bring out the sweet nature of the good ones before the public view by the way of writing about them, and by doing these sort of activity, I am getting great happiness and peace of mind.

Presently the Directors, Sri Sitaraman and Sri Samiraj, had launched another Senior Citizens Project, Koustubam near Kumbakonam. The contact number of Mr.Sitaraman is “9600200655”. Those who are interested to book their respective dream flats at Koustubam can now itself, contact him at his mobile number in order to avoid disappointment in future.


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