Vasant Panchami Wishes | Saraswati Puja SMS Greetings, Quotes, WhatsApp Status

Vasant Panchami also called Basant Panchami (Saraswati Jayanti / Saraswati Puja) is a Hindu festival which is popularly known as spring festival. This festival is solemnized on the fifth day of the Magha Month of the tradition calendar of the Hindus while In Gregorian calendar, it falls in January or February month. As this is […]

The beginning of Spiritual Knowledge

Everyone is hankering for happiness because by nature we are happy: anandamayo ‘bhyasat (Vedanta-sutra 1.1.12). As spirit souls we are naturally happy, blissful. But we are suffering because we have been covered by five gross material elements — earth, water, fire, air, and ether — and three subtle material elements — mind, intelligence, and false […]

Why should we preserve our Culture?

The fact that the Vedic revelations have survived the tides of time so long testifies to some divine phenomenon catering to the material and spiritual aspirations of the people. Institutions engaged in the analytical study of these divine statements have been fascinated by the wealth of information, touching all aspects of society as well as […]

‘Evil Eye’ – What is Evil Eye?

Is there anything really called as ‘evil-eye’? Many times mothers protect their children from the evil-eye by tying a black thread on their hand or around their neck. Does the evil-eye cast by people really exist? You know, if you believe something then it will manifest and be like that. That is the first thing […]

Relation of Quantum Physics and Spirituality

Please tell me about the fifth to thirteenth dimension, and the relation of quantum physics and spirituality? To this query from a devotee in his Satsang, Sri Sri Ravishankar Guruji of Art of Living explaining in his own words… Vedanta is pure Quantum Physics. What Vedanta says, or the knowledge from the Vedas say is, the entire […]

Forgive yourself, you are a human

“To err is human, to forgive divine.” You might as well insert the word “yourself” into this all-so-true observation about being human. Let’s face it. We are human, and to be human means you’re going to make errors, at least some of the time. You’re going to make plenty of mistakes, mess up from time […]

Pancha Kosha (Five Koshas): Spiritual Significance of Pancha Kosha

Kosha means sheath, covering. The first sheath is the environment. If the atmosphere is filled with poisonous gas, can your body exist? No! Because there is air, your body can exist. So, the environment is your first body. Annarasamaya kosha, anna means food, and rasa means juicy. The outer environment is juicy; it attracts your eyes, captures your nose by fragrance, […]

The Best Work comes out when you work without any Motive

“I don’t understand the knowledge point which says, ‘the best work comes out when you work without any motive”. To this question of a disciple, Sri Sri Ravishankar (Founder of Art of Living) replied in his Satsang….. Yes, this is intuitive work or a sudden sprout of thought. In intuition, you do not sit and […]

Vaidyo Narayano Harihi: Doctor is a form of Lord Narayana

What is the meaning of ‘Aushadhi Jahnavi Toyam Vaidyo Narayano Harihi’? Why doctor should be seen as a form of Lord Narayana? Sri Sri Ravishankar Guruji is explaining the meaning of this in own words during a Satsang of Art of Living… This means that when we take a medicine, we should consider it sacred, […]

If marriages are made in heaven, then why so many divorces happen on Earth?

Hindu Marriage

If marriages are made in heaven, then why so many divorces happen on Earth? There is a general saying that the marriages are made in heaven… ‘If marriages are made in heaven, then why so many divorces happen on Earth?’ was a question asked by a devotee in the Satsang of Sri Sri Ravishankar Guruji […]

Which Approach is preferable, Vairagya (dispassion) or Josh (Zeal, Passion)?

On the path of spirituality which approach is preferable between Vairagya (dispassion) and Josh (zeal/passion)? To this question raised at the Satsang of Sri Sri Ravishankar, Founder of Art of Living, he explained as said below.. Both are necessary. That is why Lord Krishna first aroused zeal in Arjun by saying, ‘Look, what will people […]

Student should have 3 qualities – Aashishta, Balishta & Driddhishta

Student should have 3 qualities – Aashishta, Balishta & Driddhishta…Gurudev, when you were addressing the students at Sri Sri University, you mentioned that a student should have three qualities: aashishta, balishta and driddhishta. Can we nurture these three qualities while in school? Yes. Aashishta means having complete faith. Driddhishta means to have stability, and to […]

Whom to worship first God or Guru?


Who should one honour or worship first – God, or the Guru? We just now sang a bhajan about this which says – “Do not see any difference between God and the Guru”. You should not see any difference between God, Guru and your soul. Despite knowing this, in our country, whenever we start any […]

Again become mouse: A Story for our Self Assessment from Srimad Bhagavatam

A mouse came to a saintly person: “Sir, I am very much troubled. This cat troubles me very much.” “So what you want?” “Let me become a cat.” “All right, you become a cat.” So he became a cat. Then after few days, he came back. “Sir, still I am in trouble.” “What is that?” […]

Is it auspicious to have Peepal Tree at Home? (Bodhi Tree)

Is it auspicious to have Peepal tree (Bodhi) at Home? Can you please explain it? To this doubt raised by a devotee in the Satsang, Sri Sri Ravishankar Guruji of Art of Living giving clarification in his own words…. Yes, it is very good and very auspicious. Having a Bodhi tree in front of your home is […]