Aadi Pirappu 2021 | Aadi Pandigai in Tamil Month of Aadi

Aadi Pirappu or Aadi Pandigai is the famous Tamil festival celebrated in the month of Aadi (July) as per Tamil Panjangam. In 2021, Aadi Pirappu date is July 17.

It is observed on the first day of Aadi month to welcome the fresh water forces in to the earth. Aadi Pirappu is the biggest festival for newly married couples.

During Aadi Pirappu, households draw huge Kolams to welcome Mangala Gauri or Mahalakshmi (generally speaking the prosperity) into their houses. The whole month of Aadi represents the fresh and genuine look of Tamil culture.

Aadi Perukku is another auspicious day in Aadi month of Tamil calendar and the major festival of Aadi month – Aadi Karthigai.

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