Manifestations of Divine love (Meerabai & Krishna)



Devotion to God flowers onto several verities. Among this who wish to discord worldly pleasures and reach God’s abode, some treat with reverence, wondering whether He is approachable at all.

There are mystical personalities who place themselves as brides and the Lord as the bridegroom and display their concern of remaining separated, ever craving for early reunion. Such rare devotees know that worldly attachment and dedication to god cannot go together.

In turn, God feels that his only duty is to await the call of that person in distress, rush to their rescue and provide instantaneous relief. One of the basic methods of inculcating spiritual discipline is to train children and make them listen to God’s powers and his qualities of mercy and grace. The parents, who alone are genuinely interested in their words, will tender proper advice but at times it may be unpalatable. It will do them good in the long run and make them worthy citizens.

Listening to the devotional lectures when glorious episodes connected with god were being narrated and imagining the small idol of lord Krishna presented to her as having “life”, a young girl developed so much of attachment to it that she kept it with her forever . She used to converse with the same and drew comfort. This was the girl who later grew up to be the famed devotee – Meera who totally identified herself with Lord Krishna.

In a discourse, Sri B. Sivaramakrishna Sarma said, Meera married a ruler much against her wish. She was made to face several problems but took them as God’s work and tackled them with a smile. Her mother-in-law herself hated her because meera worshipped Sri Krishna in preference to Lord shiva.

She caused another woman to spy her activities and sowed the seed of discord and suspicion in the mind of meera’s husband. Her religious congregations used to attract even the then king. After some time, Meera’s husband realised that she was a messenger of god and helped her to pursue her divine work and even built a temple for the Lord she adored.

Meera used to go into raptures by rendering devotional songs praising “Giridhar Gopal”. Ultimately meera settled in Brindavan, a place connected with the lord younger days and merged with him, providing at another proof that God never fails but help is devotees, who have deep faith in him, to achieve success.

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