Mata Ubhaya Bharati | Judge in debate between Adi Shankara and Mandana Mishra

Mata Ubhaya Bharati was the holy wife of the great Hindu philosopher Sri Mandana Mishra, and she is considered as an AMSHA of Goddess Saraswati Devi. They lived during the time of Adisankara. Once Sri Mandana Mishra and Adisankara were debated with each other, and Ubhaya Bharati was acted as a judge. Finally Adi Sankara […]

Princess Hemalekha | Who became Spiritual Guru to her husband, Hemachooda

Similar to Queen Chudala, Princess Hemalekha was considered as a spiritual Guru to her husband Prince Hemachooda, and it is believed that she lived in the Dwapara Yuga during the time of Lord Krishna. She learned the divine scriptures and was a great scholar. She changed the entire nature of her husband, and moved him […]

Sri Anandamayi Ma

Anandamayi Ma (1896–1982) was an Indian Saint.She was appreciated by Sivananda and Yogananda and described her as a perfect woman consisting of spiritual energy. LIFE Anandamayi was born in a Brahmin family in Bangladesh. At the age of twelve years, she was married to Bholanath. Though she was married, she concentrated her attention on meditation […]

Muktabai | Sant Dnyaneshwar’s Younger Sister

Muktabai (1279-1297) was a popular saint. She was born at Alandi, Pune in a Brahmin family. She was the younger sister of the great saint Dnyaneshwar. Her parents were died at her younger age. Muktabai became the student of his elder brother Nivruttinath and she learnt the Vedas, the Upanishads and other sacred Hindu texts […]

Manifestations of Divine love (Meerabai & Krishna)


Devotion to God flowers onto several verities. Among this who wish to discord worldly pleasures and reach God’s abode, some treat with reverence, wondering whether He is approachable at all. There are mystical personalities who place themselves as brides and the Lord as the bridegroom and display their concern of remaining separated, ever craving for […]

Lalleshwari, Kashmiri Shaivite Sanyasin

Lalleshwari is a Kashmiri pandit girl who left her marriage to follow or take up the sanyas. She left her life behind to become the student of the Shaivite guru names ‘Siddha Srikantha’. She continued it as the spiritual tradition of Kashmir shaivism known as Tirka. Lalleshwari was regarded as the Kashmiri yogini. Lalla’s greatness […]

Shabari Jayanti

Shabari Jayanti is the birth anniversary of Shabari Mata. Shabari Mata is an ardent devotee of Sri Rama. She attained Moksha by worshipping Lord Sri Ramachandra throughout her life. In 2013, Shabari Jayanti date is March 4. It falls on Krishna Paksha Saptami in Falgun Month as per North Indian Hindi calendars while it coincides […]