Karma and Kali Purusha

Karma and Kali Purusha both of them sail in the same ship, in order to make the sinners (travelers) to submerge into the oceans. Once if we have done bad karmas, then we have to face the consequences also, in the form of Kali Purusha, and no one can escape from that! Though I have been doing this kind of spiritual service for the past few years, however, I am also suffering from some kind of health issues, which I couldn’t able to destroy it! But, since I am showing bhakti on the almighty, I am having sufficient withstanding powers to face any kind of difficulties in my life.

Recently, luckily, I have escaped from some big problems, which I strongly believe, that it was happened due to the grace of our beloved Guru Sri Raghavendra Swamigal. Saints like Guru Raghavendra Swamigal and Shirdi Saibaba were incarnated in this Kali Yuga, in order to remove the sins and diseases of their devotees. Kali purusha dwells on those people who are interested in enjoying worldly pleasures like buying lot of gold, gold related items, purchase of so many plots and flats, having relationship with other women apart from their wives, doing criminal activities for the sake of gaining more wealth, betrayal, showing too much of anger etc.

In this present day life, it is very difficult to believe anyone, since some of those who behave like innocent, would wait for the appropriate time to cheat us. Even some spiritual people are also doing lot of wrongful activities with the pure intention of gaining wealth easily from the innocent people. And in the name of the god or guru, they used to lay the trap in order to make the innocent people to fall on their magic net.Hence, it is highly advisable to move with the strangers in a cautious manner, or otherwise, we have to lose our hard earned money as well as our precious lives.

In order to get rid from the clutches of Kali Purusha as well as to wash out our bad karmas, we have to strongly believe the almighty.We can worship him either in the form of Lord Vishnu, Krishna, Muruga, Guru Raghavendra or as Shirdi Saibaba, but we have to worship him and his forms with pure faith, since Kali Purusha would easily dwell on the souls of those people who do not keep sufficient faith on the god.

Recently we would have heard shocking news, that an auditor and his wife were severely assaulted and murdered by their own car driver,with the intention of grabbing money from them. This incident was happened due to the couple’s bad karmas, and at the time of happening of the incident, Kali pursha had strongly dwelled on the souls of the criminal driver and his associate.

Hence let us be careful even with our near and dears, since we don’t have the capability of reading the minds of others!


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