Why do Natural calamities happen, People in that place share same Karma?

Why do Natural calamities happen, people in that place share same Karma?

Dear Gurudev, do natural calamities happen because all the people in that area share the same karma, or is it because of staying in that specific place also?

Yes, there is karma of space and time also. There is individual karma, family karma, society karma and the karma of space and time. This is why karma is considered so deep and vast. If you get into the analysis of karma, it is a big headache. So don’t do that. Lord Krishna himself said to Arjuna, “Gahana karmano gatih”, which means that the ways of karma are unfathomable, so just forget about it. Don’t keep analyzing it. It is not going to help you in anyway, move on. When you move ahead in life with conviction and wisdom, all negative karmas simply vanish!

There are three types of karma:

1. Karta: where you do it yourself
2. Kaaryata: where you make someone else do it
3. Anumodi: where you just keep quiet or accept others doing their karma, and that also brings you karma.

If you really go deep into karma, it is really scary! Suppose a thief or dacoit is stealing something , and suppose you have fed him something, you get the karma of that doing also. Suppose you have fed a beggar on the street, and he does some wrong thing, that karma will also come to you. Karma is a vast and endless subject.

Now, how can one be, without karma sticking on to you? That is yoga! Yoga greases you in such a way that karma doesn’t stick anywhere. When halwa (a sweet pudding) is made, more ghee (clarified butter)is added so that it does not stick to the pan. Similarly, bhakti (devotion) is that ghee (grease) which does not allow karma to stick on to the pan (body)!

Note – Its an excerpt of Sri Sri Ravishankar Guruji’s satsang at Art of Living.

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