Why do Natural calamities happen, People in that place share same Karma?

Why do Natural calamities happen, people in that place share same Karma? Dear Gurudev, do natural calamities happen because all the people in that area share the same karma, or is it because of staying in that specific place also? Yes, there is karma of space and time also. There is individual karma, family karma, […]

Burn Bad Karmas, Attain Salvation

Every one of us would be having the doubt in our mind. Whether I am eligible for attaining Salvation? When my bad karmas would be burnt? This question usually arises in our mind, since every day, we are doing either small or big mistakes in our life, whether knowingly or unknowingly! But the impact of […]

Karma and Kali Purusha

Karma and Kali Purusha both of them sail in the same ship, in order to make the sinners (travelers) to submerge into the oceans. Once if we have done bad karmas, then we have to face the consequences also, in the form of Kali Purusha, and no one can escape from that! Though I have […]

Individual Karma & Karma of a Nation

Is there only individual Karma or is there karma of a nation? Sri Sri Ravishankar Guruji of Art of Living giving his views on it… There are so many layers of karma. There is individual karma, family karma, community karma, nation karma, and also time karma. There are so many layers of karma. But all […]

Kama and Karma

Kama also known as lust is the root cause of the problems in our life, and it would make us to commit lot of bad karmas in our life. Due to this bad habit Kama, even the divine demigods like Indra and Chandra had lost their powers for some time, and began to suffer like […]

Karma in Kali Yuga

Karma is the cause and effect of the actions of the people, and in general,if we do good activities we would get good karma and good births. Whereas if we do bad activities, it would cause bad karma and we have to take several rebirths. The popular term “KARMA” is mentioned in Hinduism, Buddhism and […]

Birth & Death – Activity of Karma

Birth and death is a recurring activity in this world, and there is no end for our life cycle. After struggling for many years in this difficult earth, finally one day we are losing our life from the clutches of the death Lord Yama Dharma Maharaja. No one can escape from the great Lord Yama. […]

Karma is a Complicated Play..

Karma is a Complicated Play — Whenever we ask our teachers about Karma (doership), they reply, ‘Gurudev says that it is a complicated play’. We want to know more about this complicated play. Karma is very complex. There are so many types of Karma, there is individual karma, family karma, society karma, karma of the […]

Steve Jobs’ Hinduism Connection, Founder of Apple believed in Karma

We all know Steve Jobs as the greatest businessman the world ever had. But the great fact behind his success and philosophy of business was his belief on Karma, result of our actions. Steve Jobs, Founder of Apple, who left the world on October 5, 2011, revealed this secret during his famous speech “Stay Hungry, […]

Which is needed for attainment of Karma – Sattva or Rajas?

It is said that sattva (purity) is needed for the attainment of karma (action). But is rajas not required for karma? In my case if I do a lot of sadhana then I don’t feel like doing anything. There is another meaning of sattva – purity of intellect. Intellect is also called Sattva. But, to […]

Karma Siddhantha says ‘Man reaps the fruits of his deeds’

The gudielines for an ideal life contained in the Divine law are being faithfully followed by many sincere people. But, at times they too are baffled by challenging problems. They get distressed and wonde why they are being punished for no fault of theirs. Scriptures provide explanations for such riddles and prescribe acts of atonements […]