18 Golden Quotes by Dr APJ Abdul Kalam

APJ Abdul Kalam

APJ Abdul Kalam

Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam is one of the big personalities in the world. And through his intelligence, simplicity and education, he brought pride to our entire nation. He is loved by everyone, irrespective of age, and he has achieved a lot in the field of astronomy as well as he successful served as the President of India during the term 2002 to 2007. Till his last breath he continued his teaching profession, and while he was delivering nice lectures to the students of IIM, Shillong, he died on 27th July 2015, due to sudden cardiac arrest.

Even after his death, still now, he is remembered for his excellent qualities, which we cannot imagine at the present day world. He has donated most of his wealth for the sake of charitable activities, and he didn’t save much for his own purpose. He also loved our nation so much, and he respected the sentiments and beliefs of all other religions, though he belongs to Muslim religion.

Some of the wonderful quotes of Dr.A.P.J. Abdul Kalam are:

1. Keep dreaming about your aims, and try to put it in action at the appropriate time.

2. Try to kill the problems which you have.

3. Be like the selfless sun god, since Lord Surya gives light to everybody in the world, without seeing their status.

4. If you are supposed to finish a particular job, just do it, and don’t tell any sort of stories in order to complete it.

5. Opportunity knocks only once, and we must have to grab it immediately.

6. Pains and Sufferings in our life will teach lot of lessons to us.

7. Once if you attain success in your life, don’t get pride, instead of that, keep working to get more and more successes, till your death.

8. Beauty lies only on our soul and not on our face.

9. If you sacrifice your life for the sake of your children by doing hard work, then your future generation can feel somewhat comfortable in their life.

10. Don’t keep on worrying about your past life. Think about only your present and future life.

11. Both the beggar and the rich man are living in the world, but only their life styles are different.

12. Failures can be turned into success based on your will power, confidence and hard work.

13. If you have great courage on your mind, then you could be able to lift even the big mountains with your hands.

14. If you have only a single rupee on your hand, then plan yourself how to utilise that amount effectively.

15. Don’t believe about luck, only if you work sincerely, you could earn something for your livelihood.

16. Don’t create sympathy on you before others, since at this present world we cannot expect others to always show their love and affection on us.

17. Take the advice given by your parents, well-wishers and elders, and try to put it into action.

18. Only through proper learning you could get a decent earning.


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