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Karkidaka Kanji – Ingredients, Method of Preparation

Karkidaka Kanji – Ingredients, Method of Preparation.. Karkadika Kanji is a recipe made exclusively in Kerala during Karkidaka Masam to get rid of unhealthy conditions that may occur during the rainy season of Karkidaka Masam (July-August) and Chinga Masam (August-September) in Malayalam calendar.

Here is the list of ingredients needed for Karkidaka Kanji

1. Malli

2. Vizhalari

3. Chrupunnayari

4. Kutakapalayari

5. Karkokilari

6. Jeerakam

7. Perumjeerakam

8. Ayamodakam

9. Uluva

10. Aashali

11. Putharichundaveru

12. Varattumanjal

13. Katuku

14. Chukku

15. Sathakuppa

16. Naruneendikizhangu

17. Karimjeerakam

18. Elam

19. Thakkolam

20. Karayampoovu

21. Jathikka

Preparation Method

1. Take a pinch of each of the above items then add 1 liter water, 250 ml of cow milk or coconut milk and a small glass of rice. Boil to prepare Kanji.

2. Now add a little amount of Jeerakam and chuvanna ulli fried in cow ghee. Add the mix with the prepared kanji.

3. Consume Karkidaka Kanji in lukewarm stage.

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