Yaksheshwar | Shiva’s Yaksheshwara Avatar

Lord Shiva on Nandi

Lord Shiva on Nandi

The Yaksheshwar avatar was taken by Lord Shiva in order to remove the pride and ego of the Devas after they consumed the divine nectar, Amrit after churning the divine ocean, Parkadal. After the consumption of the divine nectar, the Devas were become very healthier and also attained great powers, and hence, they began to think, that they are superior than, Lord Shiva.

Being the universal god, Shiva understood the thoughts of the Devas, and hence, he took the Yaksheshwar form, half demon and half human, he created some grass, and asked them to tear it into pieces. But even after making several attempts, the Devas failed to cut the grass, and finally they have realized the supremacy of Lord Shiva and worshipped his holy Yaksheshwar Avatar.

The Yaksheshwar form of Shiva is also worshipped by some Shiva devotees as Ishanya. In this beautiful form of Shiva, he appears black in colour, wore scull garlands, appears with a big moustache with a small beard, and his eyes sparkles like that of thousand suns. After making the Devas to realize their mistake, Lord Shiva appeared in his true form, and blessed the divine devas. Lord Yaksheshwar is mostly worshipped by the tribal people, in some remote villages in North India.

Sree Yaksheshwar Temple is a famous Shiva temple which is located at Edayoor, Kerala, and it is believed to be the only temple which is dedicated to Lord Yaksheshwar. Gods and Goddesses have taken lot of avatars, in order to remove the evil forces from the world. We would be having lot of questions in our mind, to find out the reason behind the activities of the deities. We cannot entirely know about the functions performed by the gods and goddesses, since we have got only limited powers. Hence, instead of doing advanced research work about the deities, let us worship them sincerely, faithfully and honestly, without keeping any doubts about them on our mind.


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