Jyeshta Devi | Jyestha Mata | Goddess of Misfortune, Bad Luck

Jyeshta Devi

Jyeshta Devi

Jyeshta Devi is considered tobe the goddess of bad luck. As per ancient legend, she is the elder sister of Mata Lakshmi Devi, the goddess of wealth.

It is believed that Jyeshta Devi dwells with sinners, and she would cause miseries and sorrows in the life of the people. She is also known as Moodevi in Tamil. In general people dislike her from entering into their houses.

Jyeshta Devi was mentioned in Holy Puranas, and in other Hindu sacred texts. Lot of sculptures of Jyeshta Devi are found in ancient Hindu Temples, but she is not mostly worshipped by the people, by considering her as an inauspicious goddess.

In general, whenever people consider someone at their homes as lazy and useless, they would call them as ‘Moodevi’. If people dislike any guests or if they are not satisfied with the service of the people like Cable TV operators, A/C Fridge and Washing Machine Service providers etc, they would call them by mentioning the name “Moodevi”.

But we should keep one thing in our mind. We are all born as human beings in this earth, and we didn’t have any special powers. With our limited powers, we are doing our duty by praying to the god. Cursing and criticizing the deities like ShaniDev, Yama Dharma and Mata Moodevi, would never bring goodness in our life. Despite that we have to worship them in a nice manner.

Mata Moodevi is the sister of Goddess Lakshmi, and she was born from the ocean of milk. She is having great powers similar to Mata Lakshmi, but due to her ugly appearance she is called as Moodevi, and as the goddess of misfortunes. But for those who worship her wholeheartedly, she would give all kinds of prosperity in their life, similar to her sister Mata Lakshmi Devi. North Indians are worshipping Mata Moodevi as Jyestha Devi, and she is considered as the reliever of all kinds of diseases, and would also give good fortunes in our life, provided if we worship her sincerely.

Mata Jyeshta Devi is having some temples in India, and she can also be worshipped by us by placing her picture in our puja room to stop the evil spirits from entering into our homes.


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