Dhanvantari | Bhagavan Dhanvantari

Dhanvantari is an Ayurvedic god, and worshipped widely all over indiaas a god of medicine. He has emerged from the Ocean with Amirtha (Divine immortal drink of the devas) on his hand. Lord Dhanvantari’s birthday is celebrated as Dhanteras all over India, especially by north Indians.This festival will be celebrated before Deepavali, and mainly by […]

Krishna | Lord Sri Krishna | The Divine Savior

Lord Krishna life story

Lord Krishna is an avatar of Lord Vishnu, and he is called by various names such as Gopala, Mukunda, Achyuta, Ananda, and by several other names, and he is our divine saviour. He had incarnated on this earth as a form of Lord Vishnu, and he holds the divine weapons of Lord Vishnu such as […]

Vedic Deities in Hinduism | Prime Deities mentioned in Vedas

Vedic deities are those deities who are mentioned in the Holy Vedas and Puranas, and they receives their share of oblation from the fire sacrifices, and they include Indra, Surya, Agni, Ushas, Vayu, Varuna, Mitra, Aditi, Yama, Soma, Saraswati, Prithvi, and Rudra. In the Rigveda, the names and the importance of the Vedic deities are […]

Legend of Hayagriva Avatar or Hayagreeva incarnation of Lord Vishnu

Hayagriva Swamy

Lord Hayagreeva (Hayasirsha Swamy) is an incarnation of Sri Maha Vishnu as per Bhagavata Purana. The main purpose of Lord Vishnus Hayagriva incarnation was to recover Vedas from demons Madhu and Kaitabha. Goddess Shakti (Mother Goddess) blessed Lord Brahma with Vedas. He was supposed to create the Universe by looking into the Vedas as standard […]

Shiva | Lord Shiva | Mahadeva | Shankara | Bholenath | Neelkanth

Lord Shiva is a popular god in Hinduism, and he is known as Mahadeva, Maheswara, Nataraja, Shankara and by several other names. He is considered as the supreme god, and he is one of the Trimurtis. He contains an attractive face with a glittering body, used to wear snakes as ornaments,and used to apply the […]

Lakshmi | Maa Lakshmi Devi | Goddess of Wealth, Prosperity

Goddess Lakshmi also called as Mahalakshmi, is the consort of Lord Vishnu, and the fulfiller of wishes of her devotees, and she is highly praised in the Rig Veda. She is the cosmic energy of Vishnu, and is considered as one of the chief deities of Hinduism. She is seen in the pictures along with […]

Svasti | Swasti Devi | Svasti Mata | Consort of Vayu Deva

Goddess Swasti Devi is the consort of Lord Vayu, the Wind god. She is mentioned in Vedas and Puranas and contains great powers similar to her consort Lord Vayu Deva. Maa Swasti is believed to be the daughter of Lord Viswakarma, the Divine Architect, and since Lord Vayu was very much impressed with the beauty […]

Ashta Vasus | Attendant Deities of Lord Vishnu

In Hinduism, the Vasus are residing at Swarga Loka with Lord Indra and they obey his instructions. The Ashta Vasus are described in the Ramayana as the children of Kasyapa and Aditi and in the Mahabharata as the sons of Manu or Brahma Prajapati. They are the eight gods who represents the Pancha bhootas, and […]

Ashwini Kumaras | Asvins | Twin Vedic Gods of Medicine

Asvins, also known as Ashwini Kumaras , in Hindu tradition, are twin gods. Aswini Devas are Divine healers and they are the gods of Ayurvedic Medicine. They are also described in the Rigveda and Varaha Purana and in many other Puranas. Ashwini Kumaras have Horse ‘s face and are reported to be very handsome and […]

Karuppanna Swamy | Karuppu Sami

Karuppanna Swamy or Karuppu sami is one of the Hindu deities popular among the rural social groups of Tamil Nadu and also in Kerala. Karuppanna swami is also known as Navaladian and Pattamarathaian. He is regarded as an amsha of Ayyanar and hence he is considered to be the KAVAL DEIVAM (DemiGod)as per Tamil tradition. […]

Santoshi Mata | Goddess Santoshi Maa

santoshi mata jayanthi

Santoshi Mata is a Hindu goddess. She is described as “the Mother of Satisfaction”. Santoshi Mata is particularly worshipped by women of North India and Nepal. Santoshi Mata vrata is mostly performed by women for fulfilling their wishes. Santoshi Mata vrata was gaining popularity with North Indian women and nowadays also among South Indian women. […]

Muniswarar | Muneeswara | Munishwaran

Lord Muniswarar (Muneeswarar) is a Guardian God. He is the one who protects his devotees in their life. He is having various good qualities like knowledge, power, wisdom, and affection. “Muni” means “saint” and “Ishwara” represents Shiva. He is generally worshiped as a family deity in south india. Muniswaran is also called “Muniyandi”. and also […]

Madurai Veeran | Guardian Deity of Madurai, South Tamil Nadu

Madurai Veeran is a Tamil folk deity popular in southern Tamil Nadu, India. His name was derived as a result of his relationship with the city of Madurai and he is the protector of Madurai. Madurai Veeran protected Madurai and Madurai Meenakshi Amman Temple and is still protecting Madurai and all of his devotees. Worship […]

Anagha Devi | Shakti of Lord Dattatreya

Mata Anagha Devi is considered as an aspect of Lord Dattatreya. She has formed from the powers of Lord Dattatreya, and she looks very beautiful, and contains shining face, and holds the divine nectar in her hands, and she shows motherly affection on us. Maa Anagha is a form of Mata Shakti Devi, and she […]

Brahma – The Creator God | Lord of Speech | Creator of Four Vedas

Lord Brahma is the creator god, and we are all his children. He is our original father and mother, and gives good wisdom, knowledge and courage. He is said to have been born from the Navel of Lord Vishnu, and due to that he is considered as the son of Lord Vishnu. He is only […]

Greatness of Chitragupta Bhagwan

Lord Chitragupta is serving as a divine accountant under Lord Yama Dharmaraja, and he is considered as the son of Mata Parvati, since he has emerged from the Chitra (Picture) drawn by Mata Parvati. He is giving the correct calculations of the activities done by the humans, to his master Lord Yama, and discharging his […]

Greatness of Shani Bhagavan

Lord Shani dev

Lord Saneeswara is the god of justice, and he is the son of Lord Surya and Mata Chaya Devi. The powers of Lord Saneeswara are unlimited. He is the brother of Lord Yama Dharma Maharaja, and both of them are living their life as per the path of Dharma. When we refer to Puranas, we […]

Mata Urmila | Wife of Yama Dharmaraja

Lord Yama is the god of death, and his consort is Goddess Urmila. Mata Urmila is mentioned in Vedas, Puranas and in the Mahabharata. Urmila was specially created by Lord Brahma, in order to marry her with Lord Yama. Similar to Lord Yama, Urmila contains great powers, and she is considered as a demi goddess, […]

Lord Vishnu | Adideva | The Preserver

Ananta Sayana Vishnu

Lord Vishnu is the god of protection, and he is protecting the entire universe through his supreme powers. He is said to be residing in the Vaikunta along with Mata Lakshmi, and he is also called as Lakshminarayana, and he is surrounded by his sincere devotees like Narada, Tumbura, Bhakta Prahlada and Garuda. The origination […]

Shobhavati | Lord Yama’s daughter

Goddess Shobhavati is the daughter of Lord Yama Dharma Raja, the death god, and the sister of Lord Katila. According to ancient Puranas, Mata Shobhavati is a great devotee of Lord Shiva, and at the time of her birth, she didn’t cried, but made a cheerful smile, and chanted the holy “OM NAMAH SHIVAYA” mantra. […]