Goddess Lakshmi birth story (Lakshmi Janma Vrittantha)

Goddess Lakshmi birth story - Lakshmi Janma Vrittantha

What is Goddess Lakshmi birth story (Lakshmi Janma Vrittantha)? Here is the story behind the birth of Goddess Lakshmi (Mahalakshmi) as mentioned in the Padma Purana.. The story goes like this.. When Bhisma expressed his desire to know about the manifestation of goddess Lakshmi.. Pulastya replied – Once, after being defeated by the demons, the […]

Jyeshta Devi | Jyestha Mata | Goddess of Misfortune, Bad Luck

Jyeshta Devi is considered tobe the goddess of bad luck. As per ancient legend, she is the elder sister of Mata Lakshmi Devi, the goddess of wealth. It is believed that Jyeshta Devi dwells with sinners, and she would cause miseries and sorrows in the life of the people. She is also known as Moodevi […]

Lakshmi | Maa Lakshmi Devi | Goddess of Wealth, Prosperity

Goddess Lakshmi also called as Mahalakshmi, is the consort of Lord Vishnu, and the fulfiller of wishes of her devotees, and she is highly praised in the Rig Veda. She is the cosmic energy of Vishnu, and is considered as one of the chief deities of Hinduism. She is seen in the pictures along with […]

Adi Lakshmi, Primeval form of Goddess Lakshmi

Adi Lakshmi is the first form of Ashtalakshmi or one of the forms of Goddess Lakshmi. She is the Goddess of eternal wealth, wealth which has no ending and no beginning, meaning it flows continuously. Adi Lakshmi is often depicted as having four arms and she holds a lotus and a white flag in two of […]