Is it auspicious to have Peepal Tree at Home? (Bodhi Tree)

Is it auspicious to have Peepal tree (Bodhi) at Home? Can you please explain it? To this doubt raised by a devotee in the Satsang, Sri Sri Ravishankar Guruji of Art of Living giving clarification in his own words….

Yes, it is very good and very auspicious. Having a Bodhi tree in front of your home is like having God himself standing there.

This is what Lord Krishna says, ‘Among the tree, I am Ashvattha’, (Peepal or Bodhi tree).

The Bodhi tree is so significant because all 24 hours a day, it gives out only oxygen. So it is very good to have this tree in front of your home.

There are people who say that it is not very good to have a Tamarind tree in front of the house. I don’t know what vibration it has, but this is what is said.
Now if there is a Tamarind tree in front of your home, I would say, don’t cut it down, just plant something else around it.

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  1. Nila says:

    peepal tree in front of house blocks good

  2. ranjit says:

    Peepal tree purifies air and gives the oxygen much more than a ordinary tree…..

  3. kailash says:

    The peepal tree gives us an hallucinogenic used by Hindu Yogis and Hindu Rushis. They use that for Hommas and Vratas.

  4. karim says:

    Pandavas undergone many problems because they touched Peepal tree on Friday. There is a saying that touching Peepal Tree on Friday leads us to face problems.
    So its better not to touch Peepal tree on friday.

  5. surya says:

    Lord Krsihna likes Peepal tree alot. In the Bhagavad Gita, he says: “Among trees, I am the ashvattha.”

    Some believe that the tree houses the Trimurti, the roots being Brahma, the trunk Vishnu and the leaves Shiva.
    All the gods are present in Peepal Tree. So praying a peepal tree is equal to praying the Trimurti’s.

    In the Upanishads, the fruit of the peepal is used as an example to explain the difference between the body and the soul: the body is like the fruit which, being outside, feels and enjoys things, while the soul is like the seed, which is inside and therefore witnesses things.

  6. Alekhya says:

    Peepal Tree’s dried sticks are used in yagas as it is acceptable by all gods and godesses.

    Thats why every hommam or vratam are made only with the dried sticks of peepal Tree. Eg: Ganapathi Hommam

  7. Swetha says:

    Its root has the power to penetrate even rocks and it can be seen some odd trees on top of rock hills, whereas other tree has no or less power to penetrate.

    This is the only tree that emits oxygen even in night whereas other trees emit oxygen only at day time by photosynthesis.

  8. Srikanth says:

    With the above said legend facts the peepal tree has more significance.
    Its juice has an enzyme the stimulates child bearing capacity. The enzyme said to contain also in elephant’s trunk water, octopus’s saliva etc.
    So people go around the tree for want of a child, by aspiration of the air emanated by the tree.

  9. Hasit says:

    how to do peepal tree puja on friday

  10. Sindhu says:

    is it good to have peepal tree at home

  11. Dhiren says:

    peepal tree is aucipicious at home or not

  12. Vati says:

    is it auspicious having peepal tree at home?

  13. Pratishtha says:

    in front of the house can there be pipal tree

  14. Smita says:

    peepal tree at home is it good bad

  15. Shirish says:

    peepal tree at home is it good bad in hindi

  16. Mahagauri says:

    piple tree in house is gud or bad

  17. Shattesh says:

    peepal tree at home is good or bad

  18. Paranjoy says:

    It is inauspicious to cut down a peepul tree

  19. Shutradevi says:

    remedy for peepal tree in front of the house

  20. Ahan says:

    can peepal tree be planted at home house

  21. Supriya says:

    why peepal tree is not planted at home

  22. Suparna says:

    peepal tree in house is good or bad

  23. Ajaya says:

    pipal tree good to plant in front of house

  24. Jagatveer says:

    can you have peeple tree in the house

  25. Shevantilal says:

    pipal tree is good to keep in house