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Peepal Tree puja

Peepal Tree puja

Trees are considered as holy things by the Hindu People, and they worship it as their favourite god and goddess. In ancient Puranas also, holy trees plays a significant role. And some gods are also related with trees, like Lord Vinayaka is related with Arasa Maram, also known as Peepal tree in English. Generally Lord Vinayaka would be seated under the Peepal tree and shower his grace on to his devotees. Peepal tree is considered as very sacred and we can circumambulate it, for getting good prospects in our life.

Similar to that Vanni Maram is also a famous tree, and it is called as Rusty Acacia tree in English, and it is also related with Lord Vinayaka. Arasa Mara Vinayagar and Vanni Mara Vinayagar are the common terms used by the Tamil people. And both of these trees are considered as very ancient trees, and their life period is also too long.

Alamaram (banyan tree) and Athimaram (Fig tree) are also very famous trees. Athi Varadaraja perumal deity is made out of athimaram, and he is considered as very sacred, since he was made out of athimaram. Similar to these trees, Bodhi tree is considered as very sacred, since the great Lord Sri Buddha Bhagawan had got enlightenment under this tree.

Apart from the above trees, lot of holy trees are there, and they are very helpful to the mankind, with regard to the purpose of worshipand also for giving coolness during all seasons.

Let us worship the holy trees and be blessed.

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