Hindu Demigods

DemiGods are created for a specific purpose such as undertaking certain tasks, and also doing goodness to the humans. Among the demigods, Lord Indra is considered as the chief. He is giving various instructions to the other demigods, and they are doing it properly. He is also controlling the 33 crores of devas, and helps them in discharging their functions properly. He contains great powers, and is capable of giving boons to us. Even though, he has got only a very few temples in India, he is still worshipped while performing the ritual Yagna and he receives his share from the fire offering, and blesses us and gives all the prosperity in our life.

Along with other gods and goddess, we can worship Lord Indra also, in order to get good fortunes in our life. All the other demigods and goddess like Varuna – The God of Ocean, Vayu – The God of Wind, Agni – The Fire God, Aswini Kumaras – The Divine Physicians, Ushas – The Dawn Goddess, Bhaga – Wealth God, DyasPitr – The Sky God, Pushan – God of marriage, Nidra Devi – Goddess of Sleep, Yama – The god of death and even the sun and the moon, and the planets are also giving proper respect to him.

Lord Indra was controlled by the Trimurtis and the Tridevis and also by Lord Vinayaka, Muruga and Sastha. He is also considered as the god of rain and the fulfiller of wishes of the human beings in the earth. He is the god of heaven, and those who worships him throughout their life, will get Lord Indra’s blessings and will reach the Indra Loka or Swarga Loka after their death. Apart from the well-known demigods, there are some other demi-gods, which are not that much familiar to the people. Their details are mentioned as follows:

1. Amsa, is one of the twelve Adityas, and the son of Kashyapa and Aditi. He is the god of sun Beams and gives good knowledge, courage and wisdom to his devotees.

2. Aryaman is one of the Vedic Hindu deities. And he is the protector of animals such as male and female horses. He is mentioned in the Rigveda. Aryaman is a supreme deity similar to other demi gods. He also acts as a witness in Hindu marriagesand creates a personal bond between the newly married couples.

3. Dhatri is a powerful demi god. He is the god of magic and health and he is one of the Adityas. He is invoked during the Ashwamedhayagna. He is also mentioned in the ancient vedas. And he receives his share of offering during the performance of (YAGNA) fire sacrifice.

4. Mitra is the god of treaties. He is the principal guardian of truth, and those who make false promises will be punished by him. He is also mentioned in the ancient vedas, and is considered as a supreme deity.

5. Parjanya is a deity of rain, thunder, lightning, and the one who fertilizes the earth, and does his work along with the help of Lord Indra. He is considered as the protector of the weak and unhealthy people, and gives more support to them.

6. Savitr is the god of strength and gives more mental and physical support to the human beings. He will make us to do proper activities, and activates us in the spiritual path, and gives a blessed life. He is also mentioned in Rig Veda, and he contains the powers similar to Lord Surya.


All these deities are created in order to discharge their allocated duties properly, and they are watching us in our every moment of life, and reporting it to the god, and giving us suitable results based on our good and bad deeds. They contain great super natural powers. Hence let us do only good things in our life, and live a peaceful and a sin free life and be blessed.


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