Why we should not see Moon on Ganesh Chaturthi?

lord ganesh-ganapati deva

lord ganesh-ganapati deva

Why we should not see Moon on Ganesh Chaturthi? What is the story of avoiding seeing Chandra on Vinayaka Chavithi?

The story goes like this…

Siva gave the leadership of hurdles to Vinayaka on 4th day (chavithi) of Bhadrapada month. On this happy occasion all people prepared kudumulu, undrallu (atype of recipe made with rice floor, jaggery cooked over steam) and other sweets,along with coconut, Bananas, honey etc. Oblated (Naivedyam) to Vighneswara and worshipped him.

Vighneswara with a pleasing and satisfied mood he ate maximum of modak (undrallu) along with other sweets and some he gave to his carrier mooshika (rat).Holding some with hands, he went to kailas by evening, to pranaam his parents. While doing so, he tried to touch the feet of the parents with his hands, but the belly (on his over consumption of food) touched the floor, prior to hands. He was facing problem to make pranaam, Chandra (who is on the head of Siva) laughed at Vinaayaka sarcastically.

Due to this teasing, Vinaayaka’s stomach broken off and undrallu that were in his stomach had fallen on the ground and Vinaayaka died. On seeing this unpleasant incident, Parvathi felt very sad and imprecated (cursed) Chandra that who ever see you, they become sinners and they will be alleged with slanders. Slanders to wives of hermits.

While the seven hermits (saptha rishis) doing sacrifice (yaagam) and making pradakshin to Agni (god of fire), he tempted on seeing the wives of rishis and dueto the fear of curse, he started deteorating.

Observing this, the wife of Agni appeared as the wives, but for Damayanthi and tried to cherish her husband Agni. Saptha rishis saw this and thought that their wives are with Agni and left them.It happened so, due to the reason that, the rishi patnis have seen Chandra afte rthe curse given to him by Parvathi.

Gods and hermits informed Siva the hardship, met by the wives of the hermits and Siva being the knowledgeable person, came to know and explained them, that wife of Agni had only taken the form (figure) of wives. Mean while Brahma came to kailash and gave life to Vinayaka and Parvathi parameswaras felt happy for the re-birth of Vighneswara. Then the gods and hermits who were there explained Parvathi, that these hardships are coming and all the people in the universe are suffering due to the curse given to Chandra. And requested Parvathi to withdraw her curse. Then Parvathi relaxed the curse and said that on which day Chandra laughed at Vighneswara i.e on 4th day (chavithi) of Bhadrapada this curse will be effected. Like wise, Brahma and others habituated not to see Chandra on 4th day of Bhadrapada Masam.

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