Ganesh Chaturthi Vrat Katha (Stories of Vinayaka Chavithi)

Ganpati bappa

Ganpati bappa

Ganesh Chaturthi Vrat Katha (Vinayaka Chavithi Stories) are given here. The stories include Vinayaka Utpatti (Birth of Ganesha), Vighneshwara’s domination (how Ganesha became Ganadhipathi), Chandra’s disregard (how Chandra insulted Ganesha) and a story related to Samantaka Mani.

Ganesh Chaturthi Vrat Katha

Story (Hold akshathas throughout the vratha kadha, after completion, these akshathas areto be put on your head)

In ancient days, Dharma Raj – belonging to Chandra dynasty, lost all his propertyand kingdom due to his cousings foul games. Along with his wife and brothers, he stayed in forests. One day in the forest he reached “Naimisaranya” where he met sage “Sootha” who was preaching epical secrets to his co-hermits like “sounak”. Dharma Raja saluted the sage and told his difficulties including losing properties and kingdom. Dharma Raja prayed Sootha to guide about any pooja or vratha that canenable him to regain all his property and kingdom. Pleased by his obedience,“sootha” told Darma Raj, that he can get back all his properties, if he performs the “vinayaka vratham”.

He explained the vratha katha as follows:

Once, kumaraswamy visited lord Siva and requested “Oh father! Please tell me a vratha, that can fulfill all the aspirations of mankind, flourish their families,and enjoy their lives peacefully”. Lord siva replied , “Oh my son! There is a pooja called vinayak vratha and on performing this pooja, people will be blessed with prosperity, with increase in their life span and they can achieve all theirgoals”. This pooja is to be performed on ‘chavithi’, the 4th day in the month of ‘Bhaadrapad’, as per Hindu calendar , by getting up early in the morning,finishing their regulars, and taking oil bath.

An idol of ‘vinayaka’ is to be made either with gold, silver or clay depending on their capacity. This is to be placed in the north side of the house, on a prepared portico (mandapa), this portico is to be prepared with rice upon which a rangoli of eight leaved flower (Ashta Dala Padmam) is put . Now pooja is to be performed with akshatha, folwers and leaves, Dhoop and deep (jyothi). Sugar cane,Black-plum(neredu), wood-apple(velaga)- 21 fruits of each of these varieties is to be offered.

The pooja is to be concluded with devotional songs,dances, and music recitations. Pandits and priests to be honoured. After wards,feast to be had along with relatives and well wishers. Next day in the morning again after finishing bath, pooja is to be re-performed(punah-puja) and priests are to be honoured. Who ever performs this pooja, will be blessed by Ganapathi,all their aspirations will be accomplished. This vratha is stated to be the best of all others, and lauded by, gods, hermits and Gandharvas and performed by all of them. This was stated to ‘Kumara swamy’ by “lord siva”. Dharma Raja was advised by Sootha to do likewise to defeat his rivals and to get back all his lost property.

Previously Damayanthi the princess of “Vidarbha” was able to marry king “Nala” by performing this pooja. Lord Krishna performed this pooja and blessed with Samanthaka Mani (a powerful gem) along with two virgins Jaambavathi and SatyaBhama.

Sootha proceeded to say the story as followed:

In olden days, an elephant-faced demon named “Gajaanana” performed penance(meditation) about lord siva. Pleased by his penance, lord siva appeared before “Gajaanana”. He praised siva and requested him to reside in his (Gajaanana’s)stomach. Lord siva accepted his request and stayed in the stomach. Goddess parvathi started searching lord siva and came to know that, he is in the stomach of “Gajanana”. She prayed lord Vishnu for the rescue of Siva. Lord Vishnu discussed with Brahma and other gods and planned to kill “Gajasura”. They decorated Nandeeswara. Brahma and other gods have costumed as musicians. Vishnu turned him self as main musician to the group. They went to “Gajasura pura” andgave melodious music recitals along with beautiful feats of the “Nandeeswara”.

Gajasura came to know about the program and invited them to his place to give are cital. The team presented a very good program, by which “Gajasura” was pleased very much and asked them about their wish if any. Sree Hari approached Gajasura and requested him, this Nandi , the carrier of Siva and came to find where about of Siva. They requested to hand over Siva. Gajaasura was stunned by the words of Srihari and came to know that he is the killer of demon and death is inevitable to him. Decided not to deviate from his promise,  Gajaasura prayed Siva who is in his stomach, ‘Oh lord Siva! Please make my head respectable by the universe and please wear my skin. Then he asked Srihari to take out Siva from his stomach. Srihari provoked Nandi and Nandi torn out Gajasura’s stomach with his horns and killed him. Siva came out and praised Vishnu. Lord Vishnu advised Siva that you should not give boons to the evil doers and demons. That is like feeding a snake with milk. Srihari left to vaikuntha after a fare well to Brahma and Siva left to his kailas on his Nandi.

Birth of vinayaka

In kailas, Parvathi heard the arrival of her husband and felt very happy. She thought of completing her bath to welcome him. While doing so, un-mindedly she prepared a small toy in the shape of a boy. She had given life to that toy with the help of “mantra” which she learnt from her father. She put that handsome boy for watching and went in side. Mean while, lord Siva came. He was halted by the boy, and not allowed to go in.

Lord Siva came in a rage, towards the restriction for him in his house itself. He cut off the boy’s head and went inside. Parvathi came to know the event that took place and felt sad of it. Siva also felt sorry for the untoward incident and immediately he joined the head of ‘Gajaanana’ that was available with him. He also attributed the foreverness and respectability from all over the universe. Ganesh became the loved one of Siva and Parvathi. Afterwards kumara swamy was born to Siva and Parvathi.

Vigneswara’s Domination

Once upon a day gods, hermits and human praised Siva and prayed him to give a leader of obstacles. Gajaanana (Ganesh) appealed father to give leader ship to him, since he is the elder son. Kumara swamy claimed it should be given to him on the plea that, his brother is not an able one, shorter and incapable. Siva had put a competition to both his sons that “who ever take a bath in all sacred rivers and comes to him first, will get the leader ship. Kumara swamy rushed off immediately to complete the task. But Gajaanana became mum and dull, in a feeling that he is not fast enough to win the competition. He prayed his father to suggest any way out to win the competition.

Pleased by Vinayaka’s obedience and cleverness Siva taught him ‘Narayana mantra’. ‘Naara’ means water i.e; water will be under control of ‘Narayana’, in turn in the control of naraayana mantra. Chanting the mantra, Vinayaka started doing ‘pradakshinas’ to his parents Siva and Parvathi. Owing to the effect of mantra, vinayaka appeared of completing bath at every sacred river,prior to the arrival of Kumara swamy. Like wise it so happened in 3 crore 50 lakh rivers. Surprised by the fact, he arrived at kailas, where in he found Vinayaka was standing beside Siva. Making pranaam to Vinayaka he apologized his father and said “Oh father! Not knowing the capacity of brother, I asked for the leadership.Please forgive me and entrust leadership to brother”.

Chandra’s Disregard

Siva gave the leadership of hurdles to Vinayaka on 4th day (chavithi) of Bhadrapada month. On this happy occasion all people prepared kudumulu, undrallu (atype of recipe made with rice floor, jaggery cooked over steam) and other sweets,along with coconut, Bananas, honey etc. Oblated (Naivedyam) to Vighneswara and worshipped him. Vighneswara with a pleasing and satisfied mood he ate maximum of modak (undrallu) along with other sweets and some he gave to his carrier mooshika (rat).Holding some with hands, he went to kailas by evening, to pranaam his parents. While doing so, he tried to touch the feet of the parents with his hands, but the belly (on his over consumption of food) touched the floor, prior to hands. He was facing problem to make pranaam, Chandra (who is on the head of Siva) laughed at Vinaayaka sarcastically.

Due to this teasing, Vinaayaka’s stomach broken off and undrallu that were in his stomach had fallen on the ground and Vinaayaka died. On seeing this unpleasant incident, Parvathi felt very sad and imprecated (cursed) Chandra that who ever see you, they become sinners and they will be alleged with slanders. Slanders to wives of hermits. While the seven hermits (saptha rishis) doing sacrifice (yaagam) and making pradakshin to Agni (god of fire), he tempted on seeing the wives of rishis and dueto the fear of curse, he started deteorating. Observing this, the wife of Agni appeared as the wives, but for Damayanthi and tried to cherish her husband Agni. Saptha rishis saw this and thought that their wives are with Agni and left them.It happened so, due to the reason that, the rishi patnis have seen Chandra afte rthe curse given to him by Parvathi.

Gods and hermits informed Siva the hardship, met by the wives of the hermits and Siva being the knowledgeable person, came to know and explained them, that wife of Agni had only taken the form (figure) of wives. Mean while Brahma came to kailash and gave life to Vinayaka and Parvathi parameswaras felt happy for the re-birth of Vighneswara. Then the gods and hermits who were there explained Parvathi, that these hardships are coming and all the people in the universe are suffering due to the curse given to Chandra.And requested Parvathi to withdraw her curse. Then Parvathi relaxed the curse and said that on which day Chandra laughed at Vighneswara i.e on 4th day (chavithi) of Bhadrapada this curse will be effected.Like wise, Brahma and others habituated not to see Chandra on 4th day of Bhadrapada.

Samanthaka Mani Story

In Dwapara yuga Naarada visited Sri krishna in Dwaraka and praised him. It became evening during their conversation and Naarada said to Sri krishna that dusk had taken place and because of Vinayaka chaviti, one should not see Chandra for to-day and explained the total story and left for heaven. Srikrishna publicised the fact in the city through announcements. Sri krishna, without seeing over the sky, was squeezing the milk to a bowl. He happened to see Chandra’s reflection in the milk bowl and afraid of the slanders he may has to face.

After some days on the boon of Surya, Satrajith gained ‘Samanthaka gem’ and went to Dwaraka to visit Krishna. After pleasantries, Krishna suggested Satrajith to givethe gem as gift to their king. But Satrajith denied and said that noone, whatever the close they may be, loses such a gem which gives 8 mounds gold a day. After some days, Satrajith’s brother “Prasena” went on a hunting in to a forest by wearing the Samanthaka gem in his neck. On a wrong notion that the gem has a piece of meat, a lion killed ‘Prasena’ and took away the gem. A bear killed the lion and gifted the gem to her daughter ‘Jaambavathi’ as a sporting toy.

Next day, Satrajith learnt the death news of his brother and blamed Sri krishna that Krishna killed his brother and snatched the gem. Sri Krishna heard the propaganda made against him and understood that it is the effect of Chandra’s replica in milk bowl that he had seen on Vinayaka chavithi. To wipe-off the slander, he went to forest with his soldiers in search of Prasena. He found the body of Prasena and foot-prints of lion and after wards that of a bear.He followed the foot prints of bear which lead them to the entrance of a cave. There he found a baby playing in a cradle, where in the gem was tied to the cradle. Sri Krishna plucked the gem and started coming back. The girl started weeping loudly. Jaambavantha (bear) came in rage and attacked Krishna and started fighting with him. Fierce fighting went on for 28 days between Sri Krishna and Jaambavantha.

Jaambavantha was exhausted. Then he came to know that the person defeating him is none other than Rama who killed Ravana. He surrendered to Krishna and made pranaam to him and said “Oh! Almighty, you are my Rama, and during thretha yuga, you had given me a chance to take any boon from you and due to my foolishness I asked you to give an opportunity to fight with you and you said that my desire will be fulfilled in future. Then onwards I spent yugas by praying you. Now you had come to my place and fulfilled my wish. Please pardon my mistakes and bless me. Now I have no fancy over the life”. Sri Krishna was pleased and embraced him. He said Jaambavantha that he had been blamed of snatching ‘Samanthaka gem’.

To wipe off the blame he requested to give the gem to him. Jaambavantha readily handed over the Samanthaka gem along with his daughter Jaambavathi. He came out of the cave along with gem and Jaambavathi. His associates who were waiting at cave felt very happy over the happenings. They all went to Dwarakapuri. Sri Krishna invited Satrajith and assembled all at a place and narrated the total story to them. He returned Samanthaka gem to Satrajith. Satrajith realized and felt sorry for having blamed Sri Krishna unnecessarily. He again gave back ‘Samanthaka’ along with Satyabhama. But Sri Krishna accepted Satyabhama and asked to keep the gem with satrajith himself. Sri Krishna married both ‘Jaambavathi and Satyabhama’ on an auspicious day.

Gods and hermits praised Sri Krishna and said, being capable, you could wipe off the blames came up on you,but what about the common people who are neither mighty nor capable. Sri Krishna said to them, whoever performs pooja of vinayaka and listens to the story of Samanthaka Mani, wear ‘akshathas’ over their head. If they did so even if they see Chandra on this day, they do not get any slander, he blessed gods. Hermits and all others felt very happy and thanked him. They returned to their places and every year they continued worshipping vinayaka on Bhadrapada chavithi of and lead their lives very happily and prosperously.

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