Hema | Apsarasa in Indra’s court

Hema served as a celestial dancer in the court of Lord Indra, and her details were mentioned in Ramayana. She was married with Maya, and they had two sons, Mayavi and Dundubhi, and a daughter Mandodari, consort of Ravana. After giving birth to them, she returned to heaven. Apsaras Hema lives in the Indra Loka […]

Karuppanna Swamy | Karuppu Sami

Karuppanna Swamy or Karuppu sami is one of the Hindu deities popular among the rural social groups of Tamil Nadu and also in Kerala. Karuppanna swami is also known as Navaladian and Pattamarathaian. He is regarded as an amsha of Ayyanar and hence he is considered to be the KAVAL DEIVAM (DemiGod)as per Tamil tradition. […]

Muniswarar | Muneeswara | Munishwaran

Lord Muniswarar (Muneeswarar) is a Guardian God. He is the one who protects his devotees in their life. He is having various good qualities like knowledge, power, wisdom, and affection. “Muni” means “saint” and “Ishwara” represents Shiva. He is generally worshiped as a family deity in south india. Muniswaran is also called “Muniyandi”. and also […]

Madurai Veeran | Guardian Deity of Madurai, South Tamil Nadu

Madurai Veeran is a Tamil folk deity popular in southern Tamil Nadu, India. His name was derived as a result of his relationship with the city of Madurai and he is the protector of Madurai. Madurai Veeran protected Madurai and Madurai Meenakshi Amman Temple and is still protecting Madurai and all of his devotees. Worship […]

Lord Katila | Son of Lord Yama & Urmila

Lord Katila is the son of Lord Yama and Mata Urmila, a divine goddess who guides the souls to reach their respective worlds. Lord Katila is living in the Yama Loka, and helping his father and mother to discharge their duties in a proper manner. Though he is the son of the death god Yama, […]

Lord Pushkara | Son of Varuna Deva

Pushkara is the son of Lord Varuna and Mata Varuni, and his wife is the daughter of Lord Chandra. He had guided Lord Parashurama in handling weapons and taught various kinds of arts to him. Pushkara is living in the Varuna Loka along with his parents, and similar to his father, he contains great powers. […]

Lord Yama | Yamadharma Raja (Yamraj) | God of Death

Lord Yama is the god of death, and it is his duty to remove our life during the time of our death. Lord Yama is a Vedic god, and whoever performs the fire sacrifices, and chants his mantra, he receives the oblations from the fire sacrifices, and used to bless them. Lord Yama would always […]

Forgotten Deities in Hinduism

In Hinduism, we are worshipping large number of gods and goddesses. Apart from the main gods and goddesses, we are worshipping the demigods, and demigoddesses, guardian gods, saints, rishis and their wives etc. In ancient times, people used to worship the Vedic deities such as Pushan, Akash raj, Lord Indra, Varuna, Brahma,Vayu, Surya, Agni, Yama […]

Nakshatras in Hindu Dharma | Divine Stars in Hinduism

We can see the wonderful appearance of the stars in the sky from our terrace and from our balcony. Some stars shines brighter than others, and it seems to look closer to our eyes, though stars are very much distanced from the earth. Stars are formed before several millions of years, and they exist during […]

Matali | Charioteer of Lord Indra

Matali is the charioteer of Lord Indra, and he resides in the Indra Loka. He is considered as a friend and an attendant of Lord Indra, and he was mentioned in various Hindu epics. He used to drive the chariot efficiently during the times of battles between devas and asuras, and would obey the commands […]

Hindu Demigods

DemiGods are created for a specific purpose such as undertaking certain tasks, and also doing goodness to the humans. Among the demigods, Lord Indra is considered as the chief. He is giving various instructions to the other demigods, and they are doing it properly. He is also controlling the 33 crores of devas, and helps […]