Health is Wealth

Health is the most important gift given by the god. We can get Materialistic Wealth through hard work or luck, but having a good health is very difficult. We would be a healthy or an unhealthy person, based on our karmic deeds only. Some people would be poor, but their health condition would be good, whereas some rich people would suffer from various diseases, and all this depends on the fate laid to them by the great almighty.

We can see the street vendors who used to shout loudly to sell their items. If we try to shout like that, then we would become permanently dumb. It all depends on the stamina and the resistance level of the people. Some people would be able to shout loudly but they would suffer from Blood pressure, Hypertension, low haemoglobin etc.

Some school children would be very dull and due to that, they could not attend their classes, and also would secure low marks in their examinations, and some time it may happen due to their poor health conditions also. Most of the private companies prefer to appoint only hale and healthy persons, and they want them to discharge their duties quickly like that of a fast moving train.

One of my friend who was a talented person, suddenly suffered from some nervous disease, and as a result he walked very slowly, but performed his activities in a nice manner. But the management didn’t want to keep him in their company, and as a result they have thrown him out from their organization.

Even in case of marriages, if a husband suddenly becomes weak and unhealthy, then his wife may even go to the extent of divorcing him. In such kind of situation, the husband would suffer a lot, and due to the tough situation, he could not work properly in his office, and as a result he may lose his job also.

Health is god’s gift. It cannot be purchased from shops. Whatever god has put on our head must be accepted by us. We can worship Lord Dhanvantri, in order to get a good health.
Health is wealth. Hence let us keep our mind and body clean and pure, and let us worship the divine physicians Ashwini Devas, son of Lord Surya, and be blessed.


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